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Trial Member Poseidonxv(OD)

.:: Basic Information ::.
Desired OD Name:
Tested By:
Second Lieutenant Skribbzz(OD)
Date Tested On:
Thu Feb 07, 2019
Trial Period:
Two weeks (14 days)
Days Left:
0 days
Bonus Days:
0 (for every 3 extra votes, you get 1 bonus day (capped at 2))
Days Since Last Login:
9 days (Last login on: Feb 07, 2019)
Cast Your Vote:
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.:: Game Tryout For ::.
Diablo II

.:: Vote Information For Membership ::.
Current Status: Membership is Complete
Votes Required:
10 Votes
Vote Received:
12 (120.0%)
Votes Needed:
0 (+2 Extra Votes)

.:: Votes Earned Information ::.
Rank of Voter:
Voted By:
Voted On:
Vote Recieved
Major Ray(OD)
Feb 09, 2019
Recieved a YES vote from Major Ray(OD)
GM and active member who's interested in joining a gaming community. Is knowledgeable in D2 as well. Don't forget to reset your DSL to pass your trial!
Major Purplez(OD)
Feb 08, 2019
Recieved a YES vote from Major Purplez(OD)
Active in channel. Friendly and well mannered. Remember to log in daily during trial period.
Second Lieutenant Skribbzz(OD)
Feb 07, 2019
Recieved a YES vote from Second Lieutenant Skribbzz(OD)
Gm. active in games and channel. keep low dsl bro reset it by loging on to the site every day or 2 . Welcome to OD
Total "Good" Votes Recieved: 12 

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