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Diablo II
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Diablo II
Tyrael(OD) still needed votes.
Total of 1 trial Members trying out for Diablo II

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INFORMATION: Make sure you get all your votes before the trial period ends. You will have exactly a week to do so, and make sure that you login to keep your DSL (Days last login) low . After your trial period (which is a week) and if you get all your votes, just log in and it will create then automatically create a official membership account and will put you on the Members page. If you dont get all your votes in 14 days for any reason, you are allowed three extra days to get any necessary votes. You trial account will be deleted on the 11th automatically by the site if you are missing votes. Good luck with the trial process, and hope to see you become a member of Clan OverDosed.

There are currently 1 trial members trying out for the clan. Out of the 1 players, there are:
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