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Squad Information
Commanding Officer:
Lieutenant Colonel snicker66(OD)
Executive Officer:
No Executive Officer at this time.
Date Created:
Mon Mar 30 2015, 9:06 PM
Total Active Members:
1 Members
Active Applications:
0 Active Applications for this squad.
Requirements to join:
-Must have a Lv: 9-30

- All Hybrid Runewords are banned
- No Mods/Hacks/Programs of any kind
- Both parties must say Go to begin the round
- No Traps / Missiles / Curses / Attacks of any kind may be casted prior to your opponent saying 'Go'
- Towning or Teleporting passed Flavie and Bridges in case of a Bridge Map results in a loss (however being pushed in town via Mind Blast / Leap / Telekinesis is not just come back out)
- If you accidentally town, immediately come directly back out, otherwise this will result in a loss
- Do not leave town once you die
- Do not cast anything or use any aura once you die (IE: Oak, Shadow, Golem, Mediation, etc)
- Ties are null duels
- naked killing will result in a disqualification! also is considered BM/cheating.
- No consumables. Pots of following (life/juv/thawing/antidote)
- Intentional life leeching monsters, or killing monsters for life per kill is banned.
- No +Max Res% (75 res all)
- No Holy Freeze or Slow of any kind
- Overly defensive playing/boxing can result in a disqualification
- No excessive use of houses
- No prebuffing
- No Poison Length Reduction gear is allowed unless it is on your normal gear. i.e. you can not stash to put on deaths gloves just because you're dueling a plague zon
= Life replenished max is 25. Anything above that is considered BM/cheating.

Paladin Specific Rules:
- No Single Resistance Auras may be used or skilled ( Salvation is allowed )
- Holy Bolt Is Banned
- Redemption is Banned
- Meditation / Cleansing are not banned however using them other than purposes of removing curses or mana regeneration is banned
- More than 1 base prayer is banned
- No Holy Freeze

Zon Rules:
-No slow missiles.
-No Poison Javlin

Druid Rules:
-No recasting cyclone armor
-No more then 2 summons (wolf's/bear/sage's/creeper's)

Barbarian Specific Rules:
-Battle Orders may only be casted on yourself,Or Barb vs Barb, unless both teams have a Barb, and both teams agree on being BO'd, no bo or shout vs any other class but barbs

Necro Rules:
-No Bone prisons
-No bone walls
-No Recasting Bone Armor
-Only Amplify damage and Lower res curses allowed.
-Only 5 summons (skelly,revives,mages/Golems) for lvl 30 only
-No summons in any Lvl 9 duel's or Ironman's

Sorc Rules:`
-NO Insight is Not allowed
-No recasting frozen armor`

Assassian Rule
-No Recast of Shadow
If you are interested in joining our squad, or giving LLD a try please message Membership(OD). He can help you gear a budget character to help get you started.

New LLD'r
Master LLD'r
Legendary LLD'r

Squad Logs:
Commander Purplez(OD) updated Diablo 2 LLD Squad Squad's leaders, with Lieutenant Colonel snicker66(OD) as the commanding officer and no executive at this time on Tue Nov 21, 2023 13:38:40 GMT.

Commander Purplez(OD) updated Diablo 2 LLD Squad ... [Rest of the Logs]
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