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Diablo 2 Runs Squad

Squad Information
Commanding Officer:
Commander Purplez(OD)
Executive Officer:
No Executive Officer at this time.
Date Created:
Fri Feb 17 2012, 4:29 AM
Total Active Members:
2 Members
Active Applications:
0 Active Applications for this squad.

The Diablo 2 runs squad is an elite group of OverDosed members who enjoy running chaos, baal, tombs, cows or trist runs for other members. They can also use these runs to recruit new members into the clan.

Softcore Classic ladder
Softcore ladder
Softcore nonladder
Hardcore nonladder
Hardcore Classic ladder
Hardcore ladder

Ranking System:
The ranking of the runners in squad will change month to month depending on how many runs each member does each month.

Runs | Ranks
25 - Squad Rank
50 - Fresh Runner
100 - Journeymen
200 - Mighty Runner
300 - Super Runner
400 - Epic Runner
500 - Master Runner
600 - Mega Runner
700 - Elite Runner
800 - Godly runner
900 - Beast Runner
1000 - Legendary Runner
1500 runs a month for 3 consecutive months - Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal

Rules For runs squad:
Are the same as Clan rules but here are a few.

1: No logging into bot and follow runs to count for your runs.

2: No passwords on your games unless you're running hardcore or being pestered by Pkers. If hardcore game or pkers are pestering you only authorized password is OD.

3: Please announce to your followers to join the clan channel to continue following your runs.

4: No BM behavior! Remember your representing the clan.

**5: You must teleport (unless in a walking game) to the designated area's (not have someone else teleport as you log the games).**

**Classic Only - Due to sorcs being only toon to teleport; runner does not need to tele to chaos. Runner must be a killer though!**

6: Enjoy yourselves and have fun.

7: Once you're done running please logout of the runs bot.

8: All clan OD and D2 division rules will apply. http://overdosed.net/index.php?view=Rules

9: Minimum 25 runs required to join this Squad.

10: No Botting or Map Hacking.

Squad Logs:
Commander Purplez(OD) updated Diablo 2 Runs Squad's leaders, with Commander Purplez(OD) as the commanding officer and no executive at this time on Tue Nov 21, 2023 13:39:17 GMT.

Commander Purplez(OD) updated Diablo 2 Runs Squad's leaders, with ... [Rest of the Logs]
Current Active Squad Members
Squad Rank
Member Since
First Lieutenant ScudBarb(OD)
Squad Rank
Aug 12 2018, 3:46 PM
No Prospective Members to this Squad Currently

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