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Clan Overdosed Rules

Community Rules
  • Community Wide Rules

Please note that community rules, including those on Teamspeak and the Forum, are universal. They apply to all Divisions, channels, voice chats, and all other aspects of OD. To be a part of Overdosed, or to use the utilities provided by Overdosed, is to agree to and abide by these community rules.

  1. Bad manners are NOT tolerated. Bad manners include but are not limited to:
    1. Insulting of another member, or non-member alike.
    2. Any form of putting another member/non-member down and/or belittling them in any way.
    3. Any form of Racism towards another member/non-member. This includes any form of the N word. It's not acceptable.
    4. Not showing respect to any member who deserves the respect.
    5. Remember BM is relative. If you say something and only one person is offended by it, it's still BM if they wish to pursue it.
    6. Sexual harassment is not allowed under any circumstance. It will fall under BM and you will be removed immediately for it if proof is provided.
  2. Hacking is strictly prohibited within the clan. Any 3rd party program that modifies the game experience in any way is banned. If it violates any Terms of Use, or EULA in a game, then it's forbidden within Overdosed.
  3. Account sharing is forbidden. You and only you are allowed to login to your OD website account.
  4. You may not ask for votes of any kind, whether they're by promotion votes or trial member votes.
  5. Adhere to the Days Since Login (DSL) Policy to retain your membership in Overdosed.
    1. Enlisted Members: Login once every 13 days to prevent any demotion. On the 14th day you will be demoted and on the 15th day you will be disabled.
    2. Warrant Officers: Login once every 9 days to prevent any demotion. On the 10th day you will be demoted and on the 11th day you will be disabled.
    3. Officers: Login once every 6 days to prevent any kind of demotion. On the 7th day you will be demoted and on the 8th day you will be disabled.
    4. Keep in mind, it is possible to receive a double demotion when falling out of the Officer ranks and into the Warrant Officer, as well as Warrant Officer into the Enlisted range.
  6. Respect the decisions of the Generals at all times. If there is a disagreement with a decision that has been made, follow the following process :
    1. Report to another General beyond the one who made the decision. Appeal to them and plead your case.
    2. If he stands by the decision made, and ONLY then, take your case to a Commander and repeat the process of appealing your case.
    3. If the Commander stands by the decision, then there is no further appeals available.

To uphold the rules and protocol of Clan OverDosed and insure the fair treatment of all of our members, Clan OverDosed and/or it's officials will make use of any available information related to a given incident, including but not limited to: logs, screenshots and recordings to regulate and ensure a quality gaming experience.

By joining Clan OverDosed, participating/submitting to our forums, or affiliating with any game community related to OverDosed, all persons:

  1. Agree to the fair use of any evidence in question to breaking our terms or rules/conditions may be used against the partnership between the persons and Clan OverDosed.
  2. The right for Clan OverDosed to revoke any affiliation and/or permissions the person(s) have to Clan OverDosed resources. Our community reserves the right to use this information in whichever fashion is deemed necessary, freely and without persecution.

Discord Rules

All Users
  1. All users will abide by good mannerisms, and treat all other members in the discord with respect. There will be no bashing or degradation of other users well being.
  2. While profanity is not banned, do keep it in check. Excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated. Respect the other players in the channel you're in.
  3. While we encourage guests to join the server, guests who do not abide by these rules, just as an OD member, will be removed from the server. In the event of recurring instances, the user will be permanently banned from joining the server.
  4. Prejudiced behavior of any type, including but not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia and religious intolerance, is strictly forbidden and will be punished with extreme diligence.
  5. Impersonating another user, or naming yourself with a falase rank or staff title are strictly prohibited.
  6. OD members will be bound to these rules 24/7 while inside discord. Punishments can and will range from suspencion from discord, to demotions on the website, and even a disablement if the violation calls for a disablement.
All Clan Members
  1. All Clan OD Members must be in their (OD) tagged name, as it appears on the website. Failure to comply may result in you not receiving your Rank group or any Staff group.
  2. All clan OD rules apply while you are in the Discord Server.
Administration Rules
  1. Members with the power to move others within the discord server can move members at their discretion, with the understanding that abuse of this power will result in an administrative action.
  2. Those who have administrative power have them for a reason. Any abuse of the power given to you can and will be removed. Be responsible when using the power you have access to. Do NOT kick or ban people for no reason.
  3. Those who have abused their power, will be placed in their Ranks Restricted group. While in this group, all admin powers are revoked.
  4. If you are banned from teamspeak, those administrative actions will carry over to discord and vice versa as needed. (Just because you got banned on teamspeak, don't think you won't be banned on Discord.)
Discord Specific Rules
  1. Divisions will be allotted as many channels as their division needs. If a division has an excessive and unneeded number of channels, those channels may become subject to deletion.
  2. Please keep in mind that Discord has global text channels instead of text channels for every voice channel. Many text channels have specific purposes. Please try to be mindful with which one you're typing in.

All information regarding Discord powers can be found here.

Forum Rules

  1. All members of the forum will be treated with utmost respect. BM isn't tolerated in any aspect.
  2. All posts must contribute something to the discussion within the thread.
    1. The occasional one word or image posts are allowed, so long as they contribute and serve a purpose to the discussion. A picture can be worth a thousand words.
    2. Irrelevant posts will not be tolerated. Don't post just because you can.
    3. Failure to abide by this rule can result in the suspension or disablement of your forum account.
  3. Forum posts are to be concise and too the point when it comes to proposing discussions or ideas.
    1. When proposing new ideas, don't just complain about a problem. Propose a viable solution to the problem.
  4. Your Avatar and Signature may be whatever you wish, however it may not contain nudity, suggestive themes, or obscene language.
    1. Your signature must not be any taller than 350 px.
    2. Keep in mind, that you're not the only user allowed to have a signature, and be mindful of other users. Nobody wants to scroll excessively just to traverse the thread.
  5. Keep the topic on track, and do not derail any topics. Be aware of where you post new topics and ensure that they're posted in the appropriate forum.

Self Promotions

As much as OD strives to be a fair community that acknowledges the hard work of all their members, in reality there are circumstances where Division Leaders or Administrators fail to notice the efforts of some members because they are inactive, distracted, or just kinda suck at their job. It is for those situations that OD has enabled the ability for members to put themselves up onto the promotion pending list. This is legal, and their promotion still depends upon the positive votes of their peers from the Promotion Pending List. There are very specific conditions that should be met before self-promoting is considered acceptable.


  • The purpose of self-promoting is to compensate for situations where a member has not been properly recognized for their feats. This means there must have been enough time gone by to have provided leaders and admins the opportunity to recognize them. If it's only been a few days since a member is eligible for promotion, that's not a reasonable frame of time to give other peopoloe an opportunity to recognize your efforts. The generally accepted amount of time is thirty (30) days. If a member has put in a consistent amount of noticeable hard work with obvious accomplishments and has failed to receive recognition for a whole month since their last promotion, then the community will usually accept the need for them to self-promote.
  • There has to be a real, easily recognized efforts and results by the person who put themselves up for promotion. You can't just put yourself up for promotion because you're "very active", you need to have done something that people will universally agree was helpful and provided a solid contribution to the Clan. Self-Promotions are very controversial by nature, so for best effect, the results need to be something no one would dispute as being worthy of a promotion. Furthermore, any and all self promotions must be put up with a null vote. Do not add votes to your self-promotion. It must always be zero(0).
  • If your next promotion would change tier( i.e. from Enlisted to Warrant Officer) or if you're an officer or higher, you should never ever self-promote yourself, no matter the circumstance. Officers should always achieve their recognition from their peers, and tier changing promotions are considered too significant in the clan to be self-judged.


"But Terra, if we aren't supposed to be using self-promotions more often than 30 days, why does the website allow us to use it every 7 days?"

At any given time the number of scripters that Overdosed has available to work on our website averages about zero(0). Once every so often we manage to achieve 1. The reality is that our community develops at a much faster rate in which the website can be altered to adjust, and the result of that is there is already a long to-do list of changes that our staff need to work on in their free time, which is accomplished in order of priority. So, keep yourself up-to-date on how the modern-day OD clan operates. Think smart. Work Smart. Play smart.

~Written by Terra(OD) on Nov 1, 2015


Diablo Division Rules

Rules and Regulations

  1. All OD Rules are applicable within the Diablo 2 division, and none will be broken.
  2. Bad manners are NOT tolerated. Bad manners include but are not limited to:
    1. Insulting of another member or non-member alike.
    2. Any form of putting another member or non-member down and/or belittling them in any way.
    3. Any form of racism towards another member or non-member. This includes any form of the N word. It's not acceptable.
    4. Not showing respect to a member or non-member alike.
  3. Hacking is strictly prohibited within the clan. Any 3rd party program that modifies the game experience in any way is banned. If it violates the Terms of Use for Diablo 2, it's also prohibited within OD.
    1. Duping is not allowed in any way.
    2. The only exception to the 3rd party program for Diablo 2 is a sandbox.
  4. All characters and accounts must be tagged properly. Account = Member(OD) and character OD-Name.
    1. Unacceptable forms of tagging include od-, od_, OD_, Od_, oD_, Od-, oD-.
    2. Any improperly tagged characters will be asked to remake the character name.
    3. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
    4. Any character not renamed after being asked to change it several times will be kicked from the channel when an OP or Officer sees it in the channel.
    5. If you have multiple accounts, they need to be tagged as follows: Name(OD), Name(OD)1, Name(OD)2 and so on.
    6. All non OD accounts will be held the same standard as your OD account, no one else should ever be logged into the acount.
  5. All level jobs are forbidden from the use of bots.
    1. All levels obtained on an OD account and non-OD accounts need to be done by the owner of the account only. There is no regulation on following runs hosted by bots. (Obviously not a bot run by an OD member.)
  6. Double clanning is not allowed in D2.
Channel Rules

The clan channel has rules of it's own and they'll be upheld strictly. There will be no slacking on enforcing the rules in the Clan Channel. All Warrant Officers and higher have access to the Channel Operators. Access to the Channel Operators is given by rank, not by request, so do not ask for access. If there is any abuse, any and all access will be removed regardless of rank.

  1. Do not spam the channel with unnecessary messages.
    1. Try to condense your messages the best you can, so that you don't have 20 one word messages. This will make the channel much easier to read and your responses easier to understand.
  2. Please do not idle in the channel for extended periods of time.
    1. Idling in the channel for more than 4 hours (14,400 seconds) will get you temporarily kicked.
  3. Do NOT bm ANYONE in the channel, clan member or not. This will be enforced very strictly.
    1. You will have one (1) warning only.
    2. Repeated bm will get you kicked from the channel.
    3. Even further bm, and you'll receive a timed ban, usually a 24 hour ban.
    4. If you still continue to bm in the channel you will be demoted.
    5. Raging about the punishments received if you break any rules will result in a ban, demotion, and possibly worse, depending on the severity of the rage.
  4. While there's no rule in OD that states you cannot use foul language, do keep it in check. Don't send messages that contain overly foul language. Try to keep it relatively clean. We are not Nazi's, but there's no need to swear every other word in your message.
  5. Channel Operator access is a privilege! Any privilege can be removed. Just because you've achieved a rank, doesn't mean you're immune to having your access revoked.
D2JSP Rules

While D2Jsp.org is not a requirement in Overdosed, it's strongly encouraged that you be active in JSP and learn it's mechanics. All D2jsp rules will apply when making bids, or buying items on JSP. We have a guild on jsp. All OD members are welcome to join the guild. You will be given a rank based on what your rank is in Overdosed; General, Senior Officer, Officer, Warrant Officer, or Enlisted.

Any and all violations of these rules can be reported to any Officer, SEnior Officer, or General. When you bring a report of any of these rule violations, bring enough proof with you. Proof can be anything from a screenshot, recording, date and time (If it happened in the clan channel. The ops owners can check their logs.)

Path Of Exile Division Rules

1. No bm crap. Dont be a dick essentially is what it boils down too.

2. No ninja looting when in games with other OD members. If a item is allocated to another member of the clan even if the timer hits 0 be courteous and dont take it without asking first. This eliminates drama and it allows you both to play the game and not have to worry about running to pick up a loot drop making the fights harder. I take this rule very seriously you should too.

3. Do not expect guild members to give you items you need for free. Do not ask for free or donations if people want to give you free stuff let them do it on their own without you hassling them. 

4. If you have a conflict with another member bring it to an officer of OD so we can handle it privately.

5. Have fun playing with other members of the clan.

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