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Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 Sil3NtKilL(OD)
Posted by Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 Sil3NtKilL(OD) on Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:46 PM
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Public News
Diablo 3 | OverDosed Community Group

Hey D3ers,

With such a high-demand of players that are playing Diablo 3, because of the New Season, and potential recruits looking for clans/community's to join. We're constantly having a problem, even with the previous seasons getting more recruits into our Guild, since Blizzard limits guilds with a "150" members capacity. Instead of creating another guild, as a parent of the current guild (ODG), and cause any confusions. Compfreak, & I decided it was best to go forth with creating a Community which we will be able to have a lot more members added with no limitsto our community page.

As for The guild we will specifically have it for those that are more "hardcore-serious, competitive" but not limit to players, and this new community group will represent Clan OD overall. We feel this is the necessary step to go forth with so we wouldn't have any problems in the near future. We only hope for the best in our Diablo 3 Division, and we want to be able to expand more with no limits for those up & coming potential new recruits being introduced to Clan OverDosed.

I will go down the list on our current guild, and sent you all invites so when you do get a message about our community, please accept the invite to our New community page.

** Officers of the guild, If we miss any members please invite these members to our new Community group.**

Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend, and stay safe through these trying times with whats going on in the world!! 🙂

Thank you!



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