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Brigadier General Purplez(OD)
Posted by Brigadier General Purplez(OD) on Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:32 PM
Public News!
Public News
Drewg's D2 PVP Ladder

This ladder will begin at the start of the new season. You can sign up now!


The Official 1v1 OD World Ladder.
East Softcore LADDER

Sign up format

Account: Drewg(OD)
Char name: YouDiedNotMe-OD
Char type: Necro
Mb: yes
Es(if sorc): no

Drew(OD) , DBZ(OD)

- No hacking
- Both players must say go
- Talking shit is allowed
- Towning at any moment results in your forfeit of that round (unless blatant mistake and not avoiding damage)
- Dueling format is ft3
- Can only challenge 3 spots ahead of you while climbing. (#1 is allowed to accept any and all challenges from anyone on the Ladder. Swapping #'s upon losing.)
- If you lose to an opponent you must wait 48 hours to re-challenge (48 hour dodge rule as well)
- Using tokens to change skills or to swap from mb to vita is NOT allowed, nor is using tokens to CHANGE SKILL BUILDS, what you join on you duel on or reset at bottom.
- Duels take place in the blood moor in Hell
- Must clear moor before dueling
- No potions except for mana are allowed.
- Mana pools are allowed
- No shrines/wells
- No prebuffing except for ES at stash and cube bo. (No enchant)
- Must maintain same class/type when dueling
- Max resist of any element is 85%* (or 5% max and 20% sorb)
- Max absorb of any element is 20%*
- Can't use any +max resist or +%absorb with rising sun, tgods, or luna
- Life replenish is capped at 40 (exception of 52 for barbs with angelics and double hoto switch+dungos for barb)
- Max poison off items is 451
- No more then 10% slow off items (with the exception of arach)
- Oak & heart of wolves charges are allowed
- No combining more than 5% max with more then 20% absorb
- No eth items without repair mod
- No holy freeze against characters without teleport
- Tgods are allowed on every character except c/c sins

- c/c sins with above level 1 traps can't use any +absorb or +max resists

- bvc's may use two ravens with under 400 cold resist

- Bone wall, Revives and curses other than Amp/Lower resistance are not allowed
- Boneprison is not allowed against non-tele chars
- Hotspurs are allowed

- Cyclone armor doesn't count as absorb or maximum resist
- Recasting is allowed

- Max rep life for ES sorcs is 30.
- Es Sorcs may not use mana pots.
- Over 20 mdr/dr (not %) is banned.
- NW is allowed.
- Oak is not allowed if you're using ES
- Blizz sorcs may use doom
- ES sorcs may precast at stash
- ES may use 5% max, sorb is not allowed

- Resist auras count as absorb/max res
- Maximum of 1 base prayer
- Defensive gc's are banned
- 1 piece of tap is allowed
- Same res cap rules apply (if aura stacking % max, may not use items)

- Amazons may use 2 ravens with under 400 cold resist
- Stacking arrows in the moor is allowed
- Slow missile is not allowed

Banned classes:
Auradin, Foher, Summoner necro, Psn necro, Es orb sorc

Gameplay Restrictions
- Avoiding contact with an opponent intentionally with no plans of attacking for prolonged periods of time is unacceptable.
- Casting of traps/missiles before both players say go
- Camping in houses
- Camping next to flavie (in the pathway between Moore/CP)
- There are no restrictions on in-game techniques (IBS, IGA, hammer-fields, etc)
- No glitching (aura glitch, skill glitching, ww glitch, corpse glitch, blade fury, flame bellow, trang, etc)


Banned items:

- Doom (allowed vs chars that are not IAS-based)
- Rising sun
- Griswold helm (allowed if you are full griswold set paladin)
- Blockoak Shield

Must take 2 screens shots like below in order to advance:

Posting correct screenshots:

The winner of a challenge must post at least two screen shots of the duel

1. One screenshot showing left-click skills, with map and time shown
2. One screenshot of message log showing at least 1 kill, with time shown

Must be the same time stamp!



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