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First Sergeant Zaynder(OD)  First Sergeant Zaynder(OD)
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 Member's Name: Zaynder(OD)
 Rank: First Sergeant
 Email: zaynder.mistmare@gmail.com
 D3 Battletag: Zaynder#1776
 Current Status: Active
 Recruited By: Raged(OD)
 Date Recruited: Wed Mar 28, 2018

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 Last Promotion on: Sat Jun 09, 2018
 Days Since Promotion: 14
 Last Demotion on: Never
 Days Since Demotion: -

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 Main Game:
 Other Games: Path Of Exile

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Not currently in any active squads.

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 Diablo III Elite Division Position: Member (HC Solo GR 75)
Date Joined: May 27, 2018

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Days Since Login: 0
Days in Clan: 87
Disablement Record: Zaynder(OD) has never left the clan!
Times Left Clan: 0
Recruits: 0 (0.0% still in the clan. Ratio: 0:414) [View Recruits]
News Posts: 0
Online Status: First Sergeant Zaynder(OD) is currently logged in.

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Basic Medals
Awarded to anyone who has 0 DSL for a week straight. This is the only medal that can be requested. Ask any Officer or higher.

Reason given:
This award was given to First Sergeant Zaynder(OD) by Captain SnipeDragon(OD)

0 DSL for a week straight

Date: Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:22 PM.

Skill Medals
Awarded to members who have shown a capable level of proficiency, skill, and understanding in a certain game. This medal is awarded by Officers or higher.

Reason given:
This award was given to First Sergeant Zaynder(OD) by Second Lieutenant Raged(OD)

Has shown proficient skill in Diablo 3. Good job! :)

Date: Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:28 PM.

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