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Lieutenant Colonel LightningWolves(OD)
Posted by Lieutenant Colonel LightningWolves(OD) on Wed Jun 02 2021, 01:04 AM

Inactive request was approved by Brigadier General MelodicRose(OD)
IA request for mental reasons.

Over the past month I have been hitting a very rough point where I am at a mental and emotional breaking point. I am working on some treatment. OD has also caused alot of stress as of lately and has worn on my very harshly. I will take this time to care for my own wellbeing and evaluate my place in OD.

Comments from Brigadier General MelodicRose(OD):
I've spoken to Lightning several times and know somewhat what is going on. Take the time you need, friend. I hope you are able to come back refreshed and feeling better, that's all we ever could want for you. Feel free to reach out if you need to chat. Approved. Make sure to reach out if you need longer than the 60 days provided by this IA request.
Request Status: Approved by Brigadier General MelodicRose(OD) on Fri Jun 04 2021, 09:46 PM
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