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Overall Information

A member seeking to join Overdosed Gaming is asked a few things of them, above and beyond what each division requires. If you're interested in Overdosed Gaming, you need to be Good Mannered at all times. There is no hacking of any kind allowed in any division. Most, if not all divisions, will ban 3rd party programs. If a division does not ban 3rd party programs, it will be specifically declared in their Division Rules (Found on the rules page link found below). Trial member requirements are to login daily, and participate among the divisions members. See any recruiter for the clan for recruitment. A list of all Recruiters can be found here. Recruiters

Division Leaders reserve the right to impose more difficult restrictions upon its prospective recruits if they so choose, that goes above typical recruitment for Overdosed Gaming. More information for each division can be found below. Overdosed Gamings Rules can be found here. Clan OD Rules

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Requirements: Make and be active on OD tagged accounts and characters "Account(OD)" and "OD-Character". Diablo II will accept anyone on any skill level of the game that does not hack. Just find a recruiter in our channel "Clan OD". Notes: The Overdosed Forums and Teamspeak3 are heavily used in the Diablo II division. Upon your recruitment, you'll be required to add a few lines to your in game profile. They are as follows: Your rank (That must be updated as you're promoted in the clan), your recruiter, and the date you're recruited.

Heroes of the Storm

Ask any member of clan and they will lead you to a recruiter or recruit you. We would like to play some games with you to see how your personality and play style are. The requirements for recruitment are that you have Teamspeak, have a basic understanding of the game, are a team player, and willing to take a few losses. If you are good on those requirements and have a great personality as well as good mannered then you are welcomed into the clan.

League of Legends

League of Legends has no specific requirement on skill nor to be tagged. However, we only allow level 30s into inhouses. We stress being good mannered at all times. We have a welcome page. We also have a BM and Negative Attitude Policy.


Message any officer and they can invite you to the in-game clan. Joining the website is not required for being in the in-game clan, but if you are not on the website, you are liable to be kicked if you don't log in at least weekly. Good manners are a requirement, as well as a sense of humor.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ask any of the members and they will be happy to help you get in to the in game guild. Ask any of the officers, and they will be happy to help you join the guild, division or Overdosed Gaming. They can also answer any questions that you have about the game, or they can refer you to either the executive officer or division leader. It does not matter who recruits you, as you will be part of the family. All polite good mannered folks are welcome to visit us and chat, we are in team speak this way you can have your questions answered and join us. It does not matter whether you wish to be a republic player or a member sith empire. We have a guild for you. Come and join us!

Other Important Information

During your trial phase, you're expected to login as often as possible. You're strongly encouraged to login daily as the more active you are, the more exposure you have to the clan and its policies and regulations. While that sounds all 'doom and gloom' it really isn't. Trial membership and expectations are really quite simple. Just play your game and login. Logging into the website is quick and easy and only requires a few minutes before going to play your game. And you only need to do this once and you're set for the day. It's strongly encouraged to create a forum account, which can be accessed through the forums button at the top of the page. Unfortunately, they're separate databases, so you'll need to create a separate account there. It's not required, but strongly recommended to register on the forums with the OD name of your choice so others know who you are. You can register with Facebook, but it'll register you with your real name or whatever you have as your Facebook name.

In the event you forget your password as a trial member, you can request a password change from any Officer or higher. It's highly recommended though to use the lost password. This is one of the main reasons we require a valid email upon registration. Choosing the lost password option will have an email sent to the email chosen for your OD name. Should an Officer or higher reset your password at any time (even after passing your trial) the password is temporary and expires 2 weeks after having it reset. You'll need to change the password after you get logged back in. Unfortunately, there is no way to change your password as a trial member until you pass your trial, so be sure to keep your password and don't lose/forget it.

You may not ask for votes as a trial member. Doing so will more than likely get you negative votes in return. This is strictly forbidden. Remain active as a trial member, login, and play with the players of the game you were recruited in. You are not required to only play the game you're recruited under. In fact, if you play more games than just the one you're recruited in, diverging to other divisions and playing with as many people as you can, will help greatly with your trial process. The trial process is a requirement of all members who wish to join Clan OD.

Upon passing your trial period, you'll be required to login to the website as often as possible, ideally every day. But we know and understand that sometimes things come up, or you may have a busy work/school schedule. Login as often as possible to avoid any kind of automatic demotion. While logging in between the ranks of Private and Staff Sergeant do not receive a demotion upon not logging in on the 14th day, it's a good habit to get into in the beginning to avoid any kind of complication further down the road. During your first month within Clan OD, your promotions will come automatically as long as you continue to login. You receive a one(1) rank promotion for every week you're actively logging in. Once you reach the rank of Staff Sergeant, promotions are then given based on your activity, contribution, and friendliness. The first month is the best time to get acclimated to how Overdosed functions, and to get your feet wet in multiple divisions or among your peers in your division.

Recruiting is a privilege given to all members of Overdosed once they have reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. To attain recruiter status, see any Officer or higher to receive the console power. Depending on your rank, your power to vote on trial members and recruit members with differs slightly. By default, all Enlisted members get 1, Warrant Officers get 2, Officers and Senior Officers get 3, Generals get 4, and Commanders get 5. No member receives a vote power of 5 but Commanders. Some small exceptions are if you're a member of an Elite division. Members of an Elite Division receive 4 vote power and the Elite tag. Becoming a member of an elite division requires specific qualifications to the division you're applying to. Inquire these specifications from your Division Leader. Furthermore, Enlisted and Warrant Officers are classified as Normal Recruiters and denoted with a grey recruiter tag. Officers and Senior Officers are listed as Certified. Generals and Commanders receive elite.

Important Disclaimer : Recruiting is a privilege, not a right. Should an event arise where you are abusing your recruiting rights in any way you're recruiting privilege will be removed. In this event, administration will discuss the event, and could result in the revocation of your privilege.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. There are so many recruiters, do I really need to vote as a recruiter?

A. Yes. Voting on members who are on the trial page is part of your responsibility as a recruiter. Not doing so neglects part of your duty. Just because a member has all of their votes, doesn't mean they don't need your support. Remember, the more people that they meet and have a positive impression of, the happier they'll be, and the better and more likely it'll be they remain with Clan OD.

Q. If a member is recruited for another division/game, can I still vote on them?

A. If you know the member, played with them, or interacted with them in some way, absolutely. Helping a member pass their trial is, after all, part of your job as a recruiter. Recruitment is a task for all recruiters, not just the one who approves their trial. But, if you don't know them, or have any kind of interaction with them at all, it's best to first go introduce yourself to them, offer help, or play with them before casting your vote.

Q. If someone is recruited, who gets the credit for the recruit?

A. Credit for any recruit goes to the member who approves their trial period on the website. Recruitment numbers are not bragging rights, and they do not entitle you to anything specifically. Helping the member pass their trial or in their game does not entitle you to be their recruiter.

Q. What is the proper way to recruit and have someone sign up on the website?

A. The proper way to recruit differs slightly per division, but some common grounds to start from is to talk to your prospective recruit. Get to know them, have them join a few games with Clan OD members, and see what they like to do. Befriend them and show them you're a good person and that Clan OD can offer them some great benefits. We leave the methods of recruiting up to each individual recruiter, but the overall process is relatively the same.

Q. I'm a trial member, and don't have enough votes to pass my trial. What should I do?

A. If you're a trial, the absolute best thing you can do for yourself, is to get to know more people. The more people you know in the clan and the community, the better your chances of passing your trial is. Go out and talk to people, meet new people!

Q. I'm a trial member, and I'm having some problems with someone in particular. What should I do?

A. This goes for all members, and not just trials. We strive to treat all members with utmost fairness and above all, with good manners. If at any time anyone has a problem with someone says, please bring it up with an Officer or higher, and we'll be sure to address it ASAP. Often times, mentioning an issue or problem to someone can clear up the issue with relative ease. Don't think that just because you're a trial member, that you don't mean anything. And if we as administrators aren't aware of a problem, we cannot hope to fix it.

Q. What happens if I do not pass my trial?

A. Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time. Sometimes something comes up and you're unable to participate or login anymore. Things happen sometimes. You'll need to be re-recruited by a recruiter, and need to start your trial process over again. Being through the process once helps with being through it a second time.

Thank you for your interest in joining Clan Overdosed. We all look forward to meeting you and wish the best of luck!

Server Information
Teamspeak Server: ts3.overdosed.net
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