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Merica/Hectic's Apocalypse Contest Starts today!!

The apocalypse has ended the world as we know it.  A virus has infected your fellow clan members.  Humanity hangs on the edge.  ZOMBIES roam the world trying to wipe humanity out.  The contest is simple.  Write what your plan would be to survive... (Read More)

Ladder Concludes, EMT begins

Congrats goes to MooMoo, as he reigned supreme in the final hours of the ladder. DBZ knocked him off the platform, and MooMoo returned the favor 24 hours later

1st MooMoo
2nd DBZ
3rd SuNSeT

EMT has now begun. Late entries are welcome for the first... (Read More)

Cards Against Humanity!

The time has come once again, for another Cards Against Humanity Night!

Come Join us in Teamspeak on Friday, Aug. 3rd, @ 8pm CST for some laughs!

As usual:
-Nothing to download
-Runs in your browser
-All are welcome to join in!

Hope to see y... (Read More)

Hectic's Goofy Writing Contest -Winners announced

Hectic’s Goofy Writing Contest

First place goes to Longlife(OD)

Second place goes to Nymathin(OD)


We had lots of fun with this last contest so we’re going to try it again! Hectic asked me to host his contest.

Start Date: Tuesday ... (Read More)

Elite Monthly Tournament


Here is a link for the signup and brackets for our upcoming EMT. I'd like to have people signed up and ready prior to August 4th. Sign up TODAY

Update on The Ladder

http://forum.ove... (Read More)

The Ladder


Above is the link to the ODD2 PvP ladder

MJ3 has dethroned MooMoo for the top spot in the ladder!

Signups are still available for late entries. Sign up today!

There are a lot of new faces... (Read More)

Winners July 2018 Clan Awards, Congratz!

July 2018 Clan Awards-Winners

The Overdosed Award-Snipedragon

Best General-Sassy

Best Officer-Purplez

Best Member - Smith

Division with most recent Growth-D3

Most promising new Division-POE

Community Awards

Perso... (Read More)

Merica's D2 - Druid Bowling Contest! 7/14 @6pm PST


Date:  Saturday, July 14, 2018

Time/Place:  6 p.m. PST, Channel Clan OD Event


1.  You must make a brand new OD tagged HCL druid and be in Channel Clan OD Event ON TIME.

2.  You have 45 minutes from t... (Read More)

Behind the Mic Interview#9 with Sassy(OD)

Hello OD Gamers!

After a long time, I've finally gotten around to uploading the Sassy(OD) interview. With as interesting and loved of a member as sassy is. It's 100% worth the listen. So take some time, grab a drink and listen to one of our best gen... (Read More)

Voting time for Clan Awards- Closes 7-12

There are two posts on the forums for the awards. Please go and vote for the member of your choice for each section. Only one selection per award please.

Vote closes on 7-12

http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67433-voting-clan-awards-part-one/?tab=... (Read More)

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