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Community Meeting on Feb 16 @ 8PM EST/7PM CST

Hi, I'll be hosting a community meeting on Sat, Feb 16 @ 8PM EST/7PM CST. Follow the link below for more details:


Winners of the Clan Awards - January 2019

Congratulations to everybody, you are all winners in my book. The votes have been counted for the Clan Awards - January 2019. I present to you the award winners for January 2019!!

http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68213-winners-clan-awards-januar... (Read More)

PvP Tourney Saturday 1-19-2019

Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that I am hosting a pvp tourney this Saturday. It is free to join with fg + anni prizes. Please check out the post and sign up if you are interested.. and also check out my MooMoo picture

http://forum.overdose... (Read More)

Clan Awards Voting Polls - January 2019

The voting polls are posted on the forum in three parts. Please be sure to go and vote. The polls are open until January 20, 2019.


http://forum.overdosed.net... (Read More)

Ray's Writing Contest! (Anni Prizes) - Ends January 26th


I'm hosting a writing contest. Please check the link below to enter:


I Need Your Suggestions!

Hi! I'd like to host another episode of Member Behind the Mic; I need your help to decide on another guest!
Feel free to nominate who you'd like to be interviewed by following the link below:

http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68168-member-behind-the-... (Read More)

Clan Award Nominations - January 2019

Welcome to the First phase of the January 2019 Clan Overdosed Awards- This is the Official Nominations Phase! 

Every three months, nominations for Clan Awards is sent to members clanwide.  Each member can copy and paste the listed award nomination... (Read More)

Brood War Night! Sunday, Jan 9th. 9 PM EST.

Hello, I'd like to host Brood War night. This clan wide event will take place on Sunday, January 5th, at 9 EST. We'll be playing team vs team, on U.S. West with the fastest maps. Check out this link to register:

http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/681... (Read More)

HCCL Crusher Contest

Just a reminder that there is still 1500 fg up for grabs


Merica drawing event winners

1st place winner andys DBZ GT drawing
2nd place poppas little mermaid drawing cuz my kid says so
3rd place is moomoo
Congratulations to all who won everyone did amazing art work I'll be online on the 2nd to give prizes out

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