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ODLoL Meeting

Sunday, December 20th, 2015 at 8pm CST

Teamspeak Icons

Just posting a reminder to everyone that you are only supposed to have the Teamspeak Game Icon of your Main Division, not all the games you play. We don't actually want people filling themselves up with a dozen pointless icons because they play "that... (Read More)

Star Wars The Old Republic Weekly Events

Hey all!

SWTOR Division is starting a weekly event schedule! Weekly events include flashpoints (instances), operations (raids), and leveling. SWTOR supports level sync so even our upper level toons can help you level without reducing exp for any lev... (Read More)

DiabloII ladder reset

The announcement has been made in game, and scheduled for Nov. 24th. Good luck running!

events race

hello everyone , this is to remind every OD member there is a race event this sunday nov.15,20015 , you will need a new toon lvl 1 and remember you have to be on your OD account and make a OD toon plz. to find out the prises amount plz log into site ... (Read More)



Ironman gets 200 Fg
Runner up gets 100Fg
First lvl 5 gets 20fg
First lvl 9 gets 30fg
Each entry gets 20fg
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a reminder

just a few jots to let everyone know they need to keep their dsl low and there are a few that has high dsl so please lets login to site to keep the dsl low .ty and have a nice day .

Race To Andy On 11-01-15 Winners

Engineer(OD) game #1
Queballz(OD) Game#2
Congrats winners and thanks to every one who joined in event

Top D2 October baal/chaos runners

Top Runners for October 2015

Dtwo(OD) - 1069 -1st place 150fg +Medal
Windstroms(OD) - 377 -2nd place 100fg
Da_freak(OD) - 361 -3rd place 75fg
SassySas(OD) - 346 -4th place 50fg
Bloodofthe(OD) - 241 -5th place 2... (Read More)

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