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Diablo 2 meeting 4/16

More information posted in the forums. Come give your opinion about the division! Everyone is welcome


i would like to remind everyone that card.is hosting a lvl 9 punch only event plz. read his post on rules for this event in the forums hope to see everyone there


March monthly top 5 runners

Windstorms(OD) 1363 New Record

Candy(OD) 836 Excellent Job

Commoncents(OD) 542 Great Job

Purecarnage(OD) 481 Very Nice

Brandi(OD) 443 Very nicely done

Fine Job by all runners that are not listed in TOP 5 too.
Thank ... (Read More)

ODD2 lvl 9 punch only duels April 9th 6pm eastern time


1) No shield

2) No weapons

3) No Knock-back

4) No auras

5) No running ( we fight heads up to the death )

6) Grush is allowed

7) No pots at all

Prizes - if you dont place u still get 5 fg to partake

1st) 75 fg ( lvl 9 punch duels in... (Read More)

Hogger Raid by HDK(OD)

So I want to start some events and get us recoginzed even more. We play on the pvp server. Joeschmo, Baelstrom, and I HDK have come up with some ideas. We were thinking about all making level 1 taurens and running to Elwynn Forest to raid Hogger. The... (Read More)

diablo 2 clan meeting april 2 ( 5:30 estearn time )

its been a while sense we have had one of these ive heard .

i would like to get to know how alot of ppl are feeling in diablo 2 and how they are doing .

we have alot of new members lets try and get most if not all of them into ts3 and to this meeti... (Read More)

Diablo 2 division lev 18 tournament Winners

1st place--TrueChill(OD)

2nd place-CardiacKid(OD)

3rd place-Da_Freak(OD)

4th place-DTwo(OD)

5th place-Commoncents(OD)

i want to Thank all who took part and look for more events like this in the future!!


The Diablo 2 channel is popping with activity. Since the 1.14A patch was introduced a few days ago, gamers' have come out to investigate our channel activity. Due to all the efforts put out by our members with the continual game creating and the oppo... (Read More)

Diablo2 lvl 18 duel event

Postponed again, until March 20 @ 3 pm EST to help with peoples schedules.

The event has been postponed to allow everyone a chance to complete their character.. All OD members Welcome, ODD2 rules apply.
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Monthly Runs

Congrats to Windstorms(OD), 1145 runs for Feb. and to Sassysas(OD) with 1031.

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