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Weekly League In Houses Thursday

Starting this Thursday (Technically last Thursday) There will be weekly in houses hosted at 9PM EAST. Everyone that has the League Of Legends client downloaded is welcome to come!

The Overdosed Review Edition #3

Hello everyone!

It's that time of the month again. The community news letter The Overdosed Review has released another issue with 3 articles written by Darkhelmet and Compfreak. If you have a few spare minutes, you should check it out. 

You can fi... (Read More)

July Runs Squad Winners

Congratulations to July's top 5 Runners:

FollowMe(OD)-845 followme(OD)1 with 70 for a total of 915 runs

Thank you everyone for your participation in the monthly runs event.
[Las... (Read More)

Forum Update

If you're getting the "Maintenance in progress" error message when you try to enter the forum, we're just doing some updates on it. It will be back up as soon as we're finished and any technical side-effects are resolved.


The forum is back up ... (Read More)

7.15.16 Overwatch Inhouse

Well after an hour and a half, I must say we had our first successful inhouse for the Overwatch Division with two full teams and a couple spectators throughout the event. As time goes on I forsee more and more people showing up!

I want to thank ever... (Read More)

Overwatch Inhouse on Fridays

Hello Overwatch Players!

We'll be trying to have our Inhouses hosted on Fridays, starting this coming friday (7.15.16) at 6 PM Central. All members who play Overwatch are welcome to join us, and we'll at first try to fill teams to get some games goi... (Read More)

The Overdosed Review Edition #2

Hello Everyone!

I decided to try out releasing the community newsletter The Overdosed Review bi-weekly for now. This release comes with some tech news from Compfreak, another very well written political article from Darkhelmet and some entertaining ... (Read More)

June Award Images

If you won an award in the June Award Ceremony you can now collect an image to remember it by. The topic can be found in the Member Recognition Board of General Discussions on the forum.

http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/64353-june-award-im... (Read More)

June Runs

Congratulations on this months runners and the Top 5:
Crimsonnail(OD) - 729
SolarFlare(OD) - 712
Galacticus(OD) - 404
SeriousWine(OD) - 350
Brain(OD) - 187
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The Overdosed Review

Hello everyone!

The time has come to release the first issue of the monthly news letter the overdosed review. You may read the articles currently available by visiting http://theodreview.overdosed.net

Considering its the first issue of the news l... (Read More)

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