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Hosting an event today. Check out the link below for info.


D2 Purple Ladder Reset contest, 6/15/18

I know that everybody is anxious for the ladder reset and it's going to be a long week until Friday, but I thought up something fun to do first day of reset for a contest! Simple contest, simple rules.

The absolute first person to post a screen s... (Read More)

Diablo 3 Season Reset Teams

Season 14 starts on June 15th at 5pm PST. If you would like to be on a reset team to start off the season sign up here!


D2 MooMoo Event 6-5-2018 @ 9 PM EST

I am hosting a unique contest Friday June 8th, 2018 at 9 PM EST. Survival of the fittest, MOO Edition!

Please read over the post and sign up on the forum:

Thanks, ... (Read More)

Diablo 2 ladder reset

Good news everyone...blizz has finaly released the Ladder reset...Friday, June 15th at 5:00PM PST!
Reset teams are forming up now! check the forums for a team near you! Lets have a good season!! See you all out there!!

Saturday June 2nd DII Tournament

Tomorrow will host a Diablo II Ironman Tournament! Sign up here for prizes and fun!


The OD Review - The Next Interview is with...Sassy(OD)!

Hi there!

The next person to be interviewed will be Sassy(OD).
If you have any questions that you'd like her to ask please post them here:


Happy Memorial Day!

To our members spanning the globe: In the U.S.A., today we celebrate and remember those that serve and have served our military, sacrificing themselves for the rest of us. This day is known as "Memorial Day", and we would like to thank you for your s... (Read More)

3rd Purple Scavenger Hunt - Runeword Prizes

Congratulations to winner chknwg(OD)!

Last scavenger hunt of the D2 season! Very easy contest to play with all rune word prizes. First person to post a screenshot of scavenger items winz!
Contest started as soon as I posted this so get busy!

... (Read More)

Destiny 2 Squad Back In Action!

I would just like to get the word out that we now have a squad for Destiny 2 being led by mrxinu(OD) and co-led by Solaris(OD). So if you currently play Destiny 2, and would like to join go to Teams -> Squads -> Destiny 2 -> then click Apply... (Read More)

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