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pissed offf person

shraps i was recutited 11 days ago and some one who was recurited today is a higher ranki than me wats up with that

new clan members

be careful who is let in the clan there are alot of hackers ; shraps your never on batle net why not send me a message Weed overdose


A few days ago when i made a use map settings game a hacker came in with my exact name plaese be careful

Heavy Recruiting.

Ok guys-

Lets try and get the clan going for real this weekend. Everyone who can, plz recruit a few people.


The Loss of a 3-Star..

MaNiFoLD has gone back to DL. He has his rightful place back and we'll miss him. (LoL this is MaNiFoLD posting this message cuz he knows shraps pass. Booyah!) Well guys, I'm outta here.

~MaNiFoLD (oops I mean ~Shraps)

I got the message system up.

That's correct people, one more step towards having the best clan script. I added the private message part. Hope you like.


Merry Christmas

Just incase i dont see anyone of you when I get home tonight have a Merry Christmas and I hope you got what u wanted.


As of right now we're number 5 on the top 200!! Way to go and keep voting.

looky what slider says

Message sent by: Commander Slider~(DL) on Fri Dec 21 12:52:35 CST 2001


Hey guys,

I have an idea that we can do to weaken slip further....go to his... (Read More)

Recruiting Requirement

New Requirment is i expect every member that can recruit to at least have oen recruit a week if u do not have one a week u will be demoted period. the mroe u recruit the better your chances are for promotion

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