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TOP 5 Sept. runners:

Followme(OD) - 1712

Bioshock(OD) - 1211

RadarRick(OD) - 817

TieDyeT(OD) - 814

Yearac(OD) - 596

Congrats to the top five runners. and keep up the good work all.

Scl Levling Race

Clan OD is hosting a SCL leveling Race on Sunday(10-02-16)at 8.30Pm EST.
Level 1 -10Fg Level 2  -20Fg
Level 3  -30Fg Level 4  -40Fg
Level 5  -50Fg Level 6  -60Fg
Level 7  -70Fg Level 8  -80Fg
level 9  -90Fg Level 10 -100Fg
... (Read More)

Member Behind the Mic

Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to announce that I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and edited/posted the first ever member behind the mic interview.

The first interview is with Badboi(OD)

http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/09/28/the-member-behind-... (Read More)

HCL Levling Race

Clan OD is hosting HCL lvling race From lvl 1 to lvl 10 on 09-27-16(Tueday) at 5.30pm EST.
Level 1 -10Fg Level 2  -20Fg
Level 3  -30Fg Level 4  -40Fg
Level 5  -50Fg Level 6  -60Fg
Level 7  -70Fg Level 8  -80Fg
level 9 ... (Read More)

SCL Team Duels(2Vs2)

We didn't team duels in a while so lets do this sunday(09-25-16) at 7pm EST
Sign in bonus----100 fg
Winner Team-----500 fg
Runner Team---  300 fg
1.Best of 5  in rounds.
2.Best of 3  in final
3.Must say GO both teams.
4.No restrictio... (Read More)

HCL IronMan Event

I'm going to start few events in the evening time and we will start with Ironman this Wedday(09-21-16) at 5.pm EST
Sign in bonus  -25 fg(which means who join event they win 25fg)
1.First to lvl 5  - 25 fg 2.First to lvl 9-   50 fg
R... (Read More)


After long time I'm going to host an easiest SCL event on 09-18-16(sunday) at 8.30pm EST.
The event is find WAYPOINTS from cold to cata2 in normal mode.Each WAYPOINT will pay some fg who TP first. If more members want to join We will run 2 or 3 gam... (Read More)

August Monthly Runs

Want to thank everyone that participated in the runs and those in the top 5:

Guygz(OD) 2220 a new record

Followme(OD) 1025

Bioshock(OD) with 902

BoydBrooks(OD) 700

SolarFlare(OD) 696

Thank you Gang for the efforts and the fun.

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Headset Winner Announcement:

Congratulations to Joeschmoe(OD) for winning the "like new headset" raffle!

[Last edited by Major CompFreak(OD) on Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:13 AM]

Used Headset Giveaway!!!


Free Headset to a lucky winner!!!

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