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I need you guys to step it up.

Something very bad has happened. My harddrive crashed yesterday. I am not sure but I think it was a virus. This means that I will not be able to get on that often for the next couple days untill I can get it fixed. I need to ask all of you genera... (Read More)

Me being off often

If you dont see me on,its cuz i got my rport card and got some disimproving grades,so im now studying and doing alot of hardwork to keep up that grade.Thanks for understanding.

Using the forum

Some things, especially questions could be asked on forum. Just reminding you guys. About the tournament: I am not very active on the weekends due to the fact that I am always out. If someone would like to volunteer to run the tournament I would b... (Read More)


So whats the vote page gonna be up?Another thing,what we voting for?

News: When to use it.

Please don't post information that is not vital to the clan on the news page. Doing this will lead to swift demotions. We have a forum, use it.



YES YOU CAN HEAR IT FOLKS.Ryu is coming back.I cant believe it.Its official,he is coming to the (OD) clan,please dont post him as new member cuz of his name,his named could be SUBJECT TO CHANGED!We have been pleading him to come to the clan and now w... (Read More)


Yes you heard it folks,Former member for the {LA} clan,2/3 leader of the Public enemy group and former drunkandroid himself,is coming to the (OD) clan.His deput is set and it is confirmed that he is coming,Ryu(OD) name subject to change.Little newbys... (Read More)


Hey Shraps, I'll make some strats and I'll have them to you by like Wednesday or so, but I don't think I'll have any screen shots. Peace.


Want to hear live dj's the connect to us thru winamp @

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