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respond to recruiting

I'm sure it has something to do with all of the un-checked new recruits who can get into clan and spy on us for enemies, but then again maybe it's just cause 19 out of 20 recruits go inactive after 2 days.

The new channel.

The new channel is clan ODoSeD anyone who gives this to ANY non member will be promptly booted... WE don't want visitors right now.


New Clan channel.



Clan Status

Listen guys I have a few things to address that I'm not gonna put on an open forum for anyone to see. First, the clan channel is known by W@R who openly recruit in Clan MAggot(1) and since no one has ops there don't you think we need a different room... (Read More)

Fallen Arms

Channel Clan W@R is Fallen Arms home channel. Storm appears to be their leader but none seem too bright past their knowledge of chobo hacks and gaysu bots. I think anyone who makes a name with [Fa] on the end and makes a modereatly convincing profile... (Read More)

All Read.

Ok im srry for posting this on news but they wont see it here like they will on MB, Ok while u guys were sleeping i went around and got info from people and found the "Hacker" he showed me alot of stuff first he had x17 ops, plus alot others then he ... (Read More)

Told To Do This By MaGGoT(OD)

*User MaGGoT(OD) disabled CIA(OD) on 06-082002 for Lied to me about coming back, Just came back to get ops for his clan, W@R and fuck us over, his 3rd strike is up, if he wants to come back he better come back as private without me knowing because CI... (Read More)


I'm grounded until the 19th. Sorry! Everyone play on my CS Server!

password: clone-zone


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