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Report there till further notice. Thank You.

We Need Bot damnit

Hey at all times, we need a bot. Not just durin the day. we need one with opz till about 12:00 pm bnet time. I'll be gladly to hold one... some of the time cuase i cn'at stay on all night some nights. but other times i can. and when i get a bot from ... (Read More)

New News Posting Rules


IE: Weezer dont post supporting wink, thats for the forum! Wink , post your explanation on the forum! thats what its there for! only post it for whole clan, thanks! if you don tfollow it, first time ... (Read More)


thanks mag,i know know that u had to do that to be shure,shoot i would have have done it to if i was in your shoes.any good gen. would. and weez thanks 4 the saport bro.
just like mag
"respect is EARNED not given!"

Winks Rank Restored.

Wink was right.

I went in there asked they addmited it and then banned me, and boo and lord are both very immature faggots who are officially banned from (OD).
Wink sorry about that bro, it was only a precautionary measure. Your restored.

Thx ... (Read More)


ok now the only reason i went into that clan was because i was told by LORD(OD)that is was a squade in (OD). so i was not aware that i was getting my self into a diff clan now i am sry and i now know that it was a BIG mistake of me to do that but i a... (Read More)

Why Wink was Demoted

Wink was demoted to Colonel until I see that he didnt start his new clan. We don't need unloyal generals, and if this is TRUE, he will be disabled. If he comes back, like OFFSPRING, he will start at Seargent Major.

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