Welcome to Clan Overdosed!

Congrats (OD) clan,we have 100 members

Congrats to ourselves and you for helping us get to 100 members in this clan.Thank you all.Lets try harder and become an ultimate clan,bigger than thos who fell before us.

RECRUITMENT and demoting(or kickout)

If you guys demote peeps,try to explain why you guys are demoting.Usually i log into the games and i see people being kicked out for no reason,or is there.Just wanted to post that up

good player

crack(OD) is a very good recryter and a very active member and is very good at topvsbottom games

Need your help.

If any officer or higher would be interested in hosting the tourny for me I would be greatly appreciative. I will set it all up for you if you would just be able to host it. I would, but I am NEVER home on the weekends as many of you have noticed. ... (Read More)

Sorry about demotions.

Ok guys here is the story on the demotions. They were not due to bad work by the officers, rather that Nelly abused his right of promotion after he left the clan. I was unable to remove him from the site for a few days because I couldn't access the... (Read More)


HEY PEOPLES.SEE MY ADD.Yes its true,If you would like to join this clan.Try to msg me:gouki-akuma(OD) on starcraft to try and register pls.I will be there to recruit you peeps who want to join.


Sup, i just wanat tell everyone that if you got any friends that are active and might wanna join tell them to talk to me and ill recruit them...plz no noobs. thanks

I have got my self UP!

YES,I HAVE BEEN RECRUITING ALOT OF PEEPS THANX TO ME AND RYU(od).Just wanted to let all you clanmates know.


Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote..... Support the clan yeeezer


Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote..... Support the clan yeeezer

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