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recrute good people

yo guys we need to recrute some more poeple because our clan is lookin kinda small we have 2 recrute more and good people no newb's. help out

Kinda like the State of the Union Address

Today I am coming before you to address the current state of our clan. I feel that we are heading into a direction that I do not like, and we need to consider what is going on.

Over the last 3 years that I have been involved in batt... (Read More)


we slowed recriuting for awhile to get rid of the inactives... and we have... so now we need to step up the recruiting a bit cuz members are becoming lower and lower... we need more active members... thanx...

Figured out about forum.

Yes people I have figured out what is wrong with the forum... however, it is a pain to fix, so I am just going to work on the scripts and it will include a new forum anyway.



this clan is looking dead webpage wise. come on guys i know we have some clan artists, and other shit.. lets see whut u can do

Forum(general discussion)

I would like to ask you members if you want a new division,if so,go check the Forum,look under General discussion,and decide what we should do about this division.Please try voting seriously..

Let's Tone Down Recruiting a Bit

Lol I never thought I would say that, but we need to. I think that it would be smart if we slowed our recruiting. If someone comes to the channel, or is your friend feel free to recruit. Just don't advertise in public channels for the moment.

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bad members

this is crack(OD) under my bros name weed(OD). when ever i am in the channel delta(OD) has to curse at me and when ever i am in a game with him he never listens to rules and always is a back staber.I just wanted to tell evry one

Two Things...

1) People. Please try and login everytime that you are on. I am sick of seeing people with 7 or 8 days since login that I see in the channel every day. It makes our clan look bad. Remind your friends also, since some of them don't remember to log... (Read More)

Please read the FORUMS.

Please you guys,read the forums and go under complaints for starcraft.I have a complaint to make about OPEN(OD),he had backstabed,distrusted us,he had cursed or did not show respect to a higher officer,and another reason why is he doesnt think this c... (Read More)

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