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Told To Do This By MaGGoT(OD)

*User MaGGoT(OD) disabled CIA(OD) on 06-082002 for Lied to me about coming back, Just came back to get ops for his clan, W@R and fuck us over, his 3rd strike is up, if he wants to come back he better come back as private without me knowing because CI... (Read More)


I'm grounded until the 19th. Sorry! Everyone play on my CS Server!

password: clone-zone


Don't disable me

Hey all this is 4eyes4life(OD) im gonna go on vacation on sunday so i wont be on till like late june or early july. I wont be able to log on or anything so plz do not disable me. Im going to go spend some time with my mother havent seen her for awh... (Read More)

Who removed them?

Meeting Sunday -Komet(OD) 06-06-2002 11:06:10
Hello all this is Komet I will be holding a meeting sunday at 2:00pm BattleNet Time that is 2 pacific, 3 mountain, 4 cen... (Read More)


Okay, we got 104 Privates, which of about 10 are active. That's BULLSHIT.
Don't put fake recruits there, any officer doing so will recieve a 1 rank Demotion, If it keeps up he will get 2 ranks, 3 ranks if it conti... (Read More)

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