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Please email me this kind of info, it definately did not pertain to the entire clan, and on the ranks... I have no clue what they are talking about but I will look into it.



yo alote of people are complaning about there ranks that they were higher in the old site and that now there rank is lower so if u could pay a vist 2 the clan chat and see wa they got 2 say

New Scripts

Hi all,
I finally finished the scripting... Now I need your help. I have successfully transfered everything over and I need you guys to beta test for me.

The new site is www.unlimiteddesignz.com/Overdosed/index.php please start using that from... (Read More)

stay in chat

yo guys we need 2 stay in the chat longer our chat is aone a hole lote of times and i want 2 thank mentor and every that has helped so try 2 stay and talk and have fun


recrute good people

yo guys we need to recrute some more poeple because our clan is lookin kinda small we have 2 recrute more and good people no newb's. help out

Kinda like the State of the Union Address

Today I am coming before you to address the current state of our clan. I feel that we are heading into a direction that I do not like, and we need to consider what is going on.

Over the last 3 years that I have been involved in batt... (Read More)


we slowed recriuting for awhile to get rid of the inactives... and we have... so now we need to step up the recruiting a bit cuz members are becoming lower and lower... we need more active members... thanx...

Figured out about forum.

Yes people I have figured out what is wrong with the forum... however, it is a pain to fix, so I am just going to work on the scripts and it will include a new forum anyway.



this clan is looking dead webpage wise. come on guys i know we have some clan artists, and other shit.. lets see whut u can do

Forum(general discussion)

I would like to ask you members if you want a new division,if so,go check the Forum,look under General discussion,and decide what we should do about this division.Please try voting seriously..

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