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LoL November Prize Draw

Hey everyone! There's a new event that we will be doing every month in the LoL Division. Check into the LoL forums for a chance to win!

Team runs event winners for oct.2016

The list of teams in the runs event and winners for Oct.2016

Team 1. SolarFlare(OD & 1nceWASeye(OD) 1581 combined runs.

Team 2. TiedyeT(OD) & Felon(OD) 1506 combined runs .

Team 3. Bio Shock(OD) & Rosey(OD) 494 combined runs.

Thanks... (Read More)

Top 5 runners for month of oct. 2016

Here are the top 5 runners for the month of Oct. 2016

1. 1nceWAseye(OD) 1211 runs

2.Banes(OD) 1139 runs

3.TiedyeT(OD) 1129 runs

4. Hax(OD) 650 runs

5. Followme(OD) 401 runs

I want to thank all of the runners for the month of Oct. 2016 . And ... (Read More)

Month of October D2 Runners

Bane(OD) is top Runner of October
We had total of 24 runners login the ODRUNS bot and 19 members won FG. Check out the full list of runners
Congrats all the runners

Tech News: Nvidia 1050-ti

Hello everyone!

Check out the latest Tech News Article here:


Behind the Mic Interview #5 with Showtime(OD)

Hello OD Gamers!

I'm VERY happy to announce that I finally got showtime(OD) to give me his interview answers. Showtime has been around since the early times of the community. Go give it a read. 

http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/10/31/member-b... (Read More)

Award Winners (Summer/Fall 2016)

Clan Awards
The Overdosed Award - Xayj(OD)
Best General - Terra(OD)
Best Officer - Xayj(OD)
Best Member (Enlisted - MWO5) - DaBomb(OD)
Best Division - Diablo 2
Best Recruiter - CompFreak(OD)
Most Active Division - Diablo 2

Community Awards
Most Soc... (Read More)

Open Forum #1 with Links(OD)

Hello OD Gamers!

I'm happy to announce that I've posted the first Open Forum interview with Links(OD) He talks in detail about his anti-drug initiative through gaming. Go give it a listen.

http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/10/26/open-forum-1-wi... (Read More)

Phase 2 General Evaluations

Phase 2 has begun! Please check the Promotion Waiting List to vote on the either Compfreak or Townkill. Remember, they need all the input you can provide them to better themselves, both good and bad. You can find their evaluations here..

Townkill(OD... (Read More)

Recruit & Retention Squad!

Ok everyone, if you are interested in making this community a better place by applying your recruitment efforts globally to every division rather than just one, we are up and running! Apply today!

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