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im leaving to spend spring break with my g/f heheh booty awaits


OK, sometimes i'm seeing some recruiting without testing the person's skill. I'm sure many of you would agree that recruiting isn't just an easy thing. We don't want our clan too be filled with newbs. Plz plz plz, don't just recruit without testing j... (Read More)

U guys can u rank me up to 1st LT.

I need it bad so i can help ppl out more and i want this clan to be good lol so just plz rank me up to 1st LT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz!!plz!!plz!!

My inactivity

Wassup all, i'm sorry that i'm not getting on anymore, i'm a bit busy. Yeah it sucks. I haven't met most of my buds online for awhile and I haven't met any new recruits yet. Yes I missed out a lot. But i'll come back. I"m still checking the site 2 se... (Read More)

My goodbye

I say goodbye to clan OD through here seeing as how this is best. This clan will become one of the strongest on B.net. Best of luck to you all. Who knows... you might see me again. Now... I return to my clan, beaten and gone....I shall recreate th... (Read More)

We need more recruits bad!!!!

We need to try to get more members so work hard and ul get a higher rank so try real hard and we need to log on are accts more often!!!i wont be on this tuesday so dont worry!!!hehe!!keep up the good work and work hard all of ya!!!

I encrypted all of the passwords

This means there could possibly be some errors on the site once again. Thanks for putting up with it guys. I am really trying to help out, by securing your passwords.



I realize they are messed up... I will work on them later tonite. Thank you for all of you who have been patient and not gone ballistic. I am very sorry and will fix the problem as soon as I can.


Ok I think I fixed it, all you have to... (Read More)

Wink: About the News

Please email me this kind of info, it definately did not pertain to the entire clan, and on the ranks... I have no clue what they are talking about but I will look into it.



yo alote of people are complaning about there ranks that they were higher in the old site and that now there rank is lower so if u could pay a vist 2 the clan chat and see wa they got 2 say

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