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All Members REad!!

If you dont have aim. PLease put "None" where Aim is.


New Forum

Guys, Shraps installed a new Message baord. I expecting everyone to sign up an account. PLease be more active on the forum. Thx


Just like to say it makes me mad to see people of lesser time in OverDosed and with smaller recs get promoted over me and then get told that i never am present in the channel and told how many hours a day i play when im in the channel frequently and ... (Read More)

Backup Channel: Clan ODoSeD

Report there till further notice. Thank You.

We Need Bot damnit

Hey at all times, we need a bot. Not just durin the day. we need one with opz till about 12:00 pm bnet time. I'll be gladly to hold one... some of the time cuase i cn'at stay on all night some nights. but other times i can. and when i get a bot from ... (Read More)

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