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access and liars

notice to all officers.

recently i have noticed that some clan members with low rankings such as private pvt FC and so on have access's of 60. this is not right. make sure that if a member does not have the proper access, put it that way. a me... (Read More)

All officers and generals

There are to many people being promoted at once.Some of them have been promoted 2 times in 1 week.So i think we should slow it down until its time for them to be promoted(on how active they have been) [This message was edited by First Lieutenant Dark... (Read More)


Today Chobo and I set up an alliance with TDS-. Their channel is clan TDS- and they seem to be a small gaming clan that is interested in future tournies with us. Please challenge them to games and get to know them.


Officers READ!!..

I want you to tell your recruits to put the following information in their profiles.

Date Joined:

Recruited by:


gOT iT? [This message was edited by Commander ChoBo(OD) on 08/... (Read More)


Officers should not be taking advantage of there access by banning people from the channel who are not disrupting or being a burden to clan members. [This message was edited by First Lieutenant DaRk_LoRd(OD) on 08/05/2002]


Please som eone ale ot disable crack(OD) hesi n ekw [This message was edited by Second Lieutenant Weed(OD) on 08/06/2002]

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This is only the temporary layout. Please don't complain a new one is on the way. I just had to get this new version out before some people exploded :)


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