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hey yo some ppl like ghost dont talk to ppl on the news part. this is not the freaking forum so dont use it like one. THX


wut im saying paf is that we shouldnt skip ranks when we recruit people cause their are some members that have been in clan way longer than others that are lower rank.Even if the person is more active and plays good still let them go through the whol... (Read More)


{][)K}BA']['MAN took our channel today by banning overdosed. Later, he gave us channel back saying that he took overdosed's pass same was as he did it to cky. He was behaving very immature and BM.

my bro is weed(OD) on the site and is acid(OD) on b.net if u disabled both then plz IM Evilmaker00 to fix his name so he still can be in clan

Promotion sprees

swift(OD) y did u promote some one nine times u promote a person once a week wen not a officer or wen they have prooven to a officer or higher to be responsable or wen they got enoght wins ur punishment will to be demoted 9 times since u promoted nin... (Read More)


ok let me think for a sec. what i know thier is something going on wrong here. oh ya thats it. this is a NEWS place so pos NEWS. news is not stupid little things thats y we have a forum. so plz dont post dumb stuff here. and y do u ask for promtions?... (Read More)


I have set him at 2nd lt, with 40 days. He is WrX(OD), and his account got messed up, this is his new name, do not disable (thought I'd post this as a heads up.)



EDIT: LoL Just read the news post bel... (Read More)

I had the same thing as weed and spooky. the guy said he was acid(OD) and wanted his name to be lWuz(OD) or something.


Hey today someone posing as WrX asked me to give him a new account by deleting his old one and making a new one on AIM, yet he had no proof that he was WrX so I denied him as I deny anyone who doesn't probe they who are they claim. I then saw WrX on ... (Read More)

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