Welcome to Clan Overdosed!

Next Behind the Mic Interview is with...Terra!

Hey OD Gamers!

It's been a while since the last Behind the Mic interview was released. I'm going to be starting a new schedule of 1 Behind the Mic interview per quarter. With possibly some other releases in between.

@Terra agreed to be the next ... (Read More)

The polls are open!

Phase two of general evals has begun. Come get involved, see what it takes to earn just one star around here. If you need, brush up on the rules here http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/61073-current-evaluation-process-updated-10216/ , or find yourself ... (Read More)

May/June Award Winners

The Winner for the season Awards have been announced and can be found in the following topic on the forum


Thank you everyone who took part. Be sure to look forward to the next Award Cere... (Read More)

Ladder Reset Team


There's the post, spots left to be filled! Be ready to go for reset, we will designate alternates for no shows

First come first serve, teamspeak is a +

Share drops according to class and ... (Read More)

~Diablo II Ladder Reset~

Hey guys/gals, it's that time again! Ladder reset has been announced for May 30th at 2PM PST. So get ready, get with clan members, and get a plan together. Let's try to get some members leveled up quick so we can get everyone started out. I have high... (Read More)

Counter Stike: GO 1v1 Ladder Tourney Date

1v1 Ladder Rank Setting Tournament will be held on May 26th at 9 PM ET. Please sign up if you have not already. You can find rules and format in the link below. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65341-1v1-csgo-ladder/
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"Cards" Night!

Save the Date! It's time to have some laughs again!

"Cards Against Humanity" has become a night of some good dirty fun!

We will be holding it on Friday, May 19th at 8pm CST in teamspeak.

Just a reminder:

- No bloated Downloads necessary
- Runs wi... (Read More)

SwTOR PvP Winner!

Congrats to Szerekh(OD) and Tata(OD), our two winners of today's SWTOR PvP in-house tournaments!

Hybrid 1v1 Ladder


This tournament members are allowed to use hybrid runewords due to ladder ending shortly. Adds a little dynamic to our pvp community for a short period of time.

Signup in posted topic, and t... (Read More)

D2EMT Winner

Congrats to Vanity as he truly cleaned up on the month long tournament. Not only did he get the best of his competition in the final round, but clearly won the round Robin point system as well!

Pm for 1000fg Steve, you earned it.

Thanks to everyone... (Read More)

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