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ODG Blackout Game

Hey Enlisted and Warrant Officers!

ODG is having sign ups for the first of the 2017 community games. Sign up for a shot to win 50$ in in-game money on the gaming network of your choice!

Take a moment and sign up! http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/64... (Read More)

Warframe Daily Raids

Law of Retribution Raid will be done daily at 7 PM PST, Teamspeak is required in these missions.

Druid Bowling 12/28/16

Druid Bowling - 12/28/16 8:30 PM Est

A varient of Iron Man Event where you can only use a Molten Boulder Druid!

Check out the details here:

Clan OD HCL Challange

Event will be take 2 hour and start from Normal act1 to normal act 5 kill all BAAL WAVES.I will provide 5K CHANTER.
Date/Time Sunday 12-18-16/ 7.30PM EST/6.30pm CST/4.30pm PST
For more info
http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/64859-clan-od-hcl-challang... (Read More)

General's cannot DSL out

Do you feel that it's ever been a problem that General's can't DSL out? Cast your vote!


Does a General's DSL Matter to you?

Does a General's DSL Matter to you? Cast your vote!


LoL Division 2v2 Tournament

I will be hosting a bot Lane 2v2 round robin style tournament this Tuesday December 13th at 8pm EST.

If you are not part of the LoL Division but play league and want to join us you are more than welcome!!

if you plan to be there please try and show... (Read More)

OD and Friends Ironman Event sunday december 18th

Hello everyone hope the ladder reset is treating everyone good . I would like to hold an iron man event . This event is a little different than the ones in the past and here is why . Have a friend that's not in OD bring them in to this event let the... (Read More)

TS3 Server Is Back Online

The Overdosed Gaming TS3 server (ts3.overdosed.net) is back online. A big thanks to Triny(OD) for hosting a TS3 server in the interim.

The exact cause of the downtime is still being investigated but the server seems to be stable. Our lord and savi... (Read More)

Top 5 runners for month of Nov. 2016

Congrat's to all the runners for the month of Nov.2016.

Top 5 runners are listed below

1- Yerac(OD) 608

2- Follow me(OD) 383

3- Boy(OD) 202

4- Hax(OD) 184

5- TieDyeT(OD) 154

Congratulation to the top 5 runners for the month of Nov. ... (Read More)

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