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Forum Upgrade

If you sign on and you can't access the forum it's because it is undergoing another upgrade. Despite my extreme skepticism R.agnarok assures me that the update is worthwhile, bringing in new features, and is necessary to maintain some of our existing... (Read More)

"Cards Against Humanity" Night!

Hello Everyone!

We are Holding a "Cards Against Humanity" night on
Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at 7pm cst !

*Free to play
*All are welcome
*You only need an Internet connection, no DL or Purchase Necessary!

Hope to see you all on Saturday... (Read More)

Team Druid Bowling 1/27/17

We will be having another Druid Bowling Event, Friday 1/27 @ 8:30 Est. This time with teams. Details and Sign-ups here.

[Last edited by Second Lieutenant TieDyeT(OD) on Mon... (Read More)

Star Wars is organizing our first ever in-house PvP!

Hello everyone! Dave has organized SWTOR's First Ever PvP Tournament! It will be held on January 29th, 2017 at 4pm CST. Sign ups will be accepted until the start of the event! All are welcome to their mettle! First prize will be a "revenge crate", d... (Read More)

Just a note on General Evaluations

Since it seems to be confusing a lot of people, there is a topic I need to announce. When someone votes 20 or 1 on an Evaluation (IE a General on the list) their vote only counts for one. It does not matter if the vote is for 1 or 1000. All that matt... (Read More)

2K17 ODG Community Contest Winner!

Congratulations to MelodicRose(OD) who successfully won the first ODG 2K17 Community Contest - and 50$!


Phase 2 of General Evaluations 1.22.17

Phase 2 of General Evaluations have begun!

Be sure to check the promotion waiting list to see the candidates who passed Phase 1. Remember, you must have 3 reasons when your voting for their promotion.

Sassy's Evaluation
http://forum.overdosed.net/... (Read More)

League of Legends 1v1 Tournament Winner

Congratulations to Bnaugs(OD) for winning the first 1v1 tournament with a 3-0 overall record. For winning, he earned the prize of 25$ in RP and a set rank upon reaching Staff Sergeant.

Congrats Bnaugs(OD)!
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Runner's for the month of dec. 2016

The name 's I am placeing is a list that is on one of the runs bot.

1 Bioshock(OD) 221

2 Hax(OD) 200

3 Blinkrich(OD) 184

4 Ar_Strider(OD) 88

5 Radar Rick 86

Thank for the runs guys .

Good luck on the month of jan. 2017

Hari has ask me to... (Read More)

Druid Bowling 12/28/16 Results

Results for Druid Bowling 12/28/16

BioShock(OD) is our Druid Bowling Champ!

Champ: BioShock(OD)
Runner-Up: SmallKillz(OD)

2nd round KO's:

1st Round KO's:

Thank you all for coming out... (Read More)

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