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ODD2 EMT Finals

Round 3 has begun!


Congrats to the guys who made it to the finals. Should be a very interesting final with 4 completely different built characters.

Updated GM PvP rules apply, thanks goes out to ... (Read More)

"Cards Against Humanity" Night!

It's time once again to have some laughs! Join us on Friday, April 7th, 2017 @ 8pm CST for a "Cards Against Humanity" night!
Just a reminder:

-No purchase necessary.
-No bloated downloads.
-Runs with just internet browser and java.

We will be using... (Read More)

Clan Od Month Of MARCH 2017 Runners

TOP 5 D2 runners are
1.Mj3(OD) -700
2.ZippyStar(OD) -300
2.Hax(OD)- 300
4.Ray(OD)- 200
5.Maxamil(OD) -189

Congrats all the runners
For complete runners list chk out
http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/64564-d2-run... (Read More)

ODD2 EMT Round 2


Round 2 has begun, come check out some of OD's top PvP players. Individuals are welcome to participate in fun team duels or 1v1s after match completions!

If your interested in viewing what high ca... (Read More)

ODD2 EMT Signups

OD's Longest running tournament is back!

Signups with rules below!


Let the smack talk begin!

Druid Bowling Results 3/19

Sun, MarĀ 19 Druid Bowling Results

Congratulations to our Champ DeckardPain(OD)

Champ - DeckardPain
Runner-Up - Jacka
2nd Round KO's - Sunset, 1nceWasEye
1st Round KO's - TieDyeT, Exotic, DBZ, SeriousWine

Thank you all for comin out.


Congrats to our newest division Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

Diablo 2 Upcoming Patch



Be sure to perm your mules immediately! Upcoming patch is removing characters that are not perm'd!

Already complet... (Read More)

Druid Bowling Sunday 3/19 @ 6:00PM Cst / 7:00PM Est

Druid Bowling on Sunday, 3/19 @ 6:00PM Cst / 7:00PM Est

Details and Sign-up on forums here.
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"Cards Against Humanity" Night!

Our next "Cards Against Humanity" Night has been scheduled for Saturday, March 4th, 2017, at 7pm CST!

Hope to see you all there!


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