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LVL 15HC inferno sorc duel for SC sorc setup March 17th

Hey guys check out the this juicy contest im holding in 1 week. sign up now.
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Well about a week late to closing this tournament, but we have some winners, and members with potential of gaining 50 fg a piece just due to activity.


1. MooMoo - 500fg
2. DBZ - zip
3. Queballz - 100 fg

Everyone who won a match pm me fo... (Read More)

Ye Ole Bear Tourny

Dust off your Beastz and Sign up for the Bear on Bear Action Now!!!

1st Place---500 nerd coins
2nd Place--250 nerd coins
3rd Place--150 nerd coins

Link to the Tournament:


Events Next Saturday 3/9/2019

Hey guys, check out and sign up for the events both myself and smoken are hosting next Saturday 3/9/2019 - lots of fun and prizes in both!

Smoken Ironman - 3 pm EST

... (Read More)

7 Veils D2 Gear Contest

Winners: MooMoo(grand prize), JR, Sassy

Seven veils, seven prizes. You be the first to post the answer a veil question and a veil is removed, until the finale, with the biggest prize. You may choose your prize from 6 of the 7 prizes EXCEPT for th... (Read More)

2nd Free Enigma Contest, free to enter

Winner: Deadmans

Although Voldemort still plays D2, he donated some runes and stuff. I made 2 enigmas out of the runes and here is the second of the Free Enigma giveaways. For this contest, you have to write a D2 related poem or a story that incl... (Read More)

Enigma Contest! easy to win!

Congratulations to Whalebones(OD), the winner of this free enigma!

@Voldemort(OD) decided to switch to another game and donated some runes and some D2 gear. So I made some enigmas. For this first contest, the prize will be an enigma. Tell me why... (Read More)

Bloodthirsty Ear contest!

Congratulations to StelioKonto(OD) who won the contest and thanks again to Viral who donated the prizes!

@SuNSeT Wants us all to PVP ... so here's the deal. First person who either shows me in game the ears of 5 officers or generals of D2 (see ove... (Read More)

Valentine's Day Contest!

Congratz to Shade(OD) the winner!

Make it romantic, make it funny, be creative! Let's hear how you plan to spend Valentine's day with a current sweety or a potential sweety! Just about anything goes, but keep it classy ... nothing vulgar or gross ... (Read More)

Purplez's Scavenger hunt starts NOW!

Congratz to JR winner!

Very easy contest to play! 200 fg prize! First person to post a screenshot of all the scavenger items in their stash winz!


1. 4 purple juvs any size

2. 3 purple gems any size

3. 1 cracked sa... (Read More)

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