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Ladder Reset/Tournaments

Everyone seems well aware of the Nov 22nd reset. That being said there is over 1000 of my fg for the taking in 2 separate tournaments.


Our ladder tournament has come down to the wire wit... (Read More)

Capture the Leg Race Results 11/7

Congratulations to Meridius(OD) for Capturing the first Leg & Winning 100fg

Results of our first Capture the Leg Race. 11/7
Leg Captured - Meridius(OD)
Dark Wood - DBZ(OD)
Stony Field - DaBomb(OD)
Cold Plains - DBZ(OD)

Thank you to everyone tha... (Read More)

Capture The Leg Races

Capture the Leg Races

A SCL competition to be the first to retrieve Wirt's leg from Tristram and capture Wps along the way.

Retrieve Wirt's Leg - 100fg
Dark Wood WP - 30fg
Stoney Field WP - 20fg
Cold Plains WP - 10fg

Come have some fun. A... (Read More)

Pokemon Sun and Moon update

Pokemon Sun and Moon is an active non squad now. Anyone whois interested drop into the channel and say hi.

New Teamspeak Server Address !

Just a heads up, the most recent update on our Teamspeak server, requires that you have the most up-to-date version of teamspeak installed (version as of 11/6/16). Also, please note that you need to update your bookmark address to: "ts3.over... (Read More)

TyeSuN's Super Knockout FFA

Come participate in our newest tournament format! 500 fg payout to the winner at the end of ladder!


Everyone is welcome to come! Battle you're team mates in some fun Free For... (Read More)

PvP FFA Tournament Results 11/6

Results for the FFA PvP Tournament 11/6

Winner - Sin-Mike(OD) - 3 Wins
2nd - Brain(OD) - 2 Wins
3rd - Rdy2Die - 1 Win
4th - DBZ(OD)
4th - Andys(OD)

Thank you all for coming out and playing.
[Last edited by Chief Warrant Officer CWO2 TieDyeT(OD) ... (Read More)

LoL November Prize Draw

Hey everyone! There's a new event that we will be doing every month in the LoL Division. Check into the LoL forums for a chance to win!

Team runs event winners for oct.2016

The list of teams in the runs event and winners for Oct.2016

Team 1. SolarFlare(OD & 1nceWASeye(OD) 1581 combined runs.

Team 2. TiedyeT(OD) & Felon(OD) 1506 combined runs .

Team 3. Bio Shock(OD) & Rosey(OD) 494 combined runs.

Thanks... (Read More)

Top 5 runners for month of oct. 2016

Here are the top 5 runners for the month of Oct. 2016

1. 1nceWAseye(OD) 1211 runs

2.Banes(OD) 1139 runs

3.TiedyeT(OD) 1129 runs

4. Hax(OD) 650 runs

5. Followme(OD) 401 runs

I want to thank all of the runners for the month of Oct. 2016 . And ... (Read More)

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