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Awards Voting

Please join us on the forums and cast your votes for this seasons awards.

VOTING END 10/25/2016


Check and see if you have been nominated!! Good luck to all.

If you are not a member of the f... (Read More)

Behind the Mic Interview #3 with Aerineth(OD)

Hello Everyone!

It's that time again. We have another awesome interview up. This time with our commander Aerineth(OD). If you got some free time go give it a listen. 
http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/10/17/behind-the-mic-interview-3-ft-aerinet... (Read More)

Teams have been paired up for the runs event for oct.

When have paired up members for the team runs event for oct.

Team 1 is Orcwarrior(OD)&KingBlingo(OD)

Team 2 is BioShock(OD)&Rosey(OD)

Team 3 is Serious Wine(OD)&LordJFK(OD)

Team 4 is SolarFlare(OD)&1nceWASeye(OD)

Team 5 is TieDy... (Read More)

Award Nominations (Summer/Fall 2016)

Nomination phase of the Awards have begun.

You have 1 week to get any nomination into me before Oct 18th 2016. Voting will start on the 19th.

http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/61550-rules-regu... (Read More)

Website Visual Changes

Some of you have no doubt noticed the visual changes on the website. You can send your thanks to Altros for taking the time to put that together.

The changes should include the background, logo, button and panel overlays. If you are not seeing these... (Read More)

Member behind the mic #2

I'm happy to announce that the second member behind the mic interview is now up. This time it's with our shadow commander R.agnarok(OD). It's text based this time. So go and give it a read. 

http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/10/05/the-member-be... (Read More)

HCL Sorc team IronMan Event

Clan OD is hosting All sorc team ironman on thurday(10-06-16)at 4.00pm EST.Its a new and never did before.Lvl 9's divided into 2 parties and duel
First to lvl 5  -25Fg First to lvl 9  -50FG
Winner Team -500Fg Runner Team -300FG
1.Curr... (Read More)

PVP Tournament Winner's To days date : Oct. 1,2016

1st place go's to Followme(OD)

Inhouse tournament medal

Skill medal and promoted to rank WO1

2nd Place go's to Brain(OD)

Skill medal

And put up for promotion

Thanks guys and gals for competing in these events.
... (Read More)

TOP 5 Sept. runners:

Followme(OD) - 1712

Bioshock(OD) - 1211

RadarRick(OD) - 817

TieDyeT(OD) - 814

Yearac(OD) - 596

Congrats to the top five runners. and keep up the good work all.

Scl Levling Race

Clan OD is hosting a SCL leveling Race on Sunday(10-02-16)at 8.30Pm EST.
Level 1 -10Fg Level 2  -20Fg
Level 3  -30Fg Level 4  -40Fg
Level 5  -50Fg Level 6  -60Fg
Level 7  -70Fg Level 8  -80Fg
level 9  -90Fg Level 10 -100Fg
... (Read More)

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