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D3 Season 16 Paragon event

This idea bought up ProZacck(OD)
Giving out some FG for highest paragon lvl by end of season16.
Any OD member will get on this event all to do is post your OD Account ,B.net Tag ,D2jsp and your paragon lvl
First Place. 1000Fg
Second. 500Fg... (Read More)


New Event for POE, everyone from the clan is welcome!

Details on the forums


Video Game Coupon Redemption - starts today

Hear ye, Hear ye ... come one and all! It's purple coupon day on D2. Thanks to the generosity of Moist, dmon, and merica, YOU have the chance to use a video and use it as a coupon to redeem a prize.

In order to redeem a prize, your coupon rede... (Read More)

ODD2 Level 30 Pokémon Contest - April 21st

Round 1 EMT


Brackets are up, Signups are still AVAILABLE!

Come participate in this grueling tournament, which will crown OD's top Dog! Come win some forum gold for participating, and cheer on your clan mates!... (Read More)

Purplez's 7th Scavenger Hunt

Winner: Deadmans ... congratz!

Very easy contest to play! 200 fg prize! First person to post a screenshot of all the scavenger items in their stash winz!


1. 4 purple juvs any size

2. 3 purple gems any size

3. 1 c... (Read More)

HCL Levelling Contest. April.

Okay so kind of short notice on the start date but for the month of April there will be a levelling contest in HCL.

1st place 300fg

2nd place 100fg

Join up here: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68471-hardcore-leveling-contest-april/

OD Social Media - Revival

Due to the revived discussion and interest in the OD social media pages, I've decided to begin working on updating and maintaining our pages again. To begin, I'd like to point out that we currently have two social media pages, specifically within Fac... (Read More)

You've Just Won a Million Dollars Contest!

RadarRick and MelodicRose were the winners!!

Guess what!!!  You've just won a million dollars on a Clan OD scratch off ticket.  Tell me what you'd do with the money in a short story, statement, or poem.  The word or color PURPLE has to be somewhe... (Read More)

Skribbzz's Going Away Contest!

Torque(OD) has won this contest! Gratz.

Skribbzz has decided to take a break from Clan OD, but he wanted to donate a sorc set up for SCL. He gave me the prizes and said "do the contest, pick a number 1-50" so first person who guesses the right num... (Read More)

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