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Halo Event on 3/13

Saturday 3/13 Foxlitaf is hosting a Halo Reach Slayer 4v4 + 6v6 event from 10PM-1AM CET. 

Please react on the event based on your expected attendance in #division-events under the Halo division on Discord.

March 2021 Voting Polls Are Official Posted!

Here Are the Links!
Get your Votes On !

https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/70800-march-2021-voting-polls-... (Read More)

This Week's Halo Events!

3/12 - Big Team Battle Event 7PM-10:30PM MST.
3/14 - Customs Event 9PM-12AM GMT.
More info can be found in our #division-events channel on Discord where you can also react to each event based on your expected attendance.

WOW TBC PVP Group Started

The discord is just tooo big to put in our Discord. It would dominate everything. So it is still part of Overdosed. Come down to the WoW classic tab of Overdosed and click the discord link there. We are starting our characters this Tuesday. It looks ... (Read More)

Halo Event on 3/6

Saturday 3/6 LightningWolves is hosting a Halo Wars Customs event at 4 PM CST.

Please react on the event based on your expected attendance in #division-events under the Halo division on Discord.

Valheim Players Assemble

I'm seeing a ton of people playing Valheim on the discord but they are scattered about.
Let's try and get a few groups going. Playing solo is nice but multiplayer is always better. It is time to organize the Viking horde.
Feel free to contact me wi... (Read More)

Clan Nominations ARE HERE!!

okay my Favorite OD family! I post in forums Clan Nominations! BE sure and go and Nominate!!!!
Link is below.


Halo events

Hey all! Halo events within the general future:

02/28: Geordies customs event

03/03: Matchmaking and OD made customs

03/5: Jenkins BTB event for

There’s also one in the making, being a modded forge event. Stay tuned for that!

Looking for support for TBC Classic anyone can help

It is easy. Please go to https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/na-large-cross-faction-reroll-project/880877/26
Make a comment that supports fresh servers. How does this help? With a new fresh server we can make a guild easier than on an existing se... (Read More)

The Burning Crusade is coming soon.

And we are looking for players. Once the prepatch is released on Ashkandi PVE Horde I will be making a guild. I need everything. I will be tanking. And I am shooting for us to be the number 1 guild. But I need your help. Come hang out at times with u... (Read More)

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