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Voting Polls posted - October 2019 Clan Awards

Thank you to all who sent in nominations for the Clan Awards October 2019.

You've sent me your nominations, now it's time to VOTE! Please only vote for one person per category. If you don't know anyone to vote in a particular section, just cli... (Read More)

I need your help, please read!

Clan OverDosed has been existence 17 years. The Clan may have started out as just gamers getting together but it has evolved into a community. We get to know each other, share our lives, our experiences and game together. In my opinion, that is w... (Read More)

Server Migration

We migrated our website, forum, and ts3 to another server last night to accommodate some recent changes in our hosting. As a result of this some of the most recent posts and PMs (those made after about 2am Central) on both the website and forum may h... (Read More)

Congrats to Quack

Congrats to Quack for Season 1 winner of the barb race!! Made it to Barracks!!!

Very good! Your trophy will be sent to you shortly friend!

Next Event Will be Sunday Nov 10th. 8PM East!!

Barb race tonight!

Tonight is the big night for the barb race!
8pm Easttime!
dont forget! dont know what it is? Check the notes few down!

seeya all night!!


October 2019 Clan Nominations

Every May and October, the Clan Awards are held. You will receive a private message on Overdosed.net asking for nominations. Each member can copy and paste the listed award nominations to a new private message and insert their personal nomination ... (Read More)

Barb Race D2 Event!!!

This is GagenDeep(OD) Barb Race Event:

Here are the rules.
There will be multiple games of 8 people per game.
Object of the race is this. You will enter a game with ODtag name with a Number of your choice.
Forexample OD-Ten or OD-FortySix

You will ... (Read More)

Self Re-enablement now available!

Huge thank you to Xon(OD) for the suggestion and to Ragnarok(OD) for the coding! Effective 9/18/19:

Commander Terra writes: Inspired by some of the concerns that @Xon(OD) represented in the previous Admin meeting, and thanks to some recent additio... (Read More)

Free SCL Unided Annis!

Thank you to Check_Out who is a very good friend to Clan OD, we now have 8 unided SCL annis to give away. It's killing me, I mean just killing me not to id them so hurry up and win them LMAO! There are going to be 4 contests with 2 winners each tim... (Read More)

D2 Win an Enigma SCL contest!

Congratz to the winner Mytho(OD)!

Guess what!!!  You've just won a million dollars on a Clan OD scratch off ticket.  Tell me what you'd do with the money in a short story, statement, or poem.   Since MooMoo(OD) donated the enigma, something abo... (Read More)

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