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D2 Reset Signups


Link above has signups for those who wish to participate in the upcoming ladder reset

Post what character and spec you wish to run, doesn't have to be one of the options provided.

Signup will ... (Read More)

End of ladder Druid bowling!

Hey everyone I am hosting a druid bowling event this weekend (11/30 @8pm est) before the end of ladder. Come have some fun and earn some extra fg to start the new ladder! details are on my forum post.
https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/69608-end-of-la... (Read More)

D2 Ladder Reset, Lottery Contest!

Winner: JR(OD), reset date is 12/6/19

So we all suspect that ladder will reset sometime in December, 2019, but truthfully nobody really knows right? So I thought a lottery contest would be fun to try and predict the date.

I will start the p... (Read More)

~&~ Barb RaCE ~&~

Barb Race D2 Event!!!

This is GagenDeep(OD) Barb Race Event:

Here are the rules.
There will be multiple games of 8 people per game.
Object of the race is this. You will enter a game with ODtag name with a Number of your choice.
Forexample OD-Ten or... (Read More)

Need Help Organizing an Event?

When a member wants to host an event or hold a contest, going at it all alone can be a very daunting task that requires much effort for one member to accomplish alone. Scheduling, promoting, getting prize approvals, setting rules / dates for the cont... (Read More)

Clan Award Winners - October 2019

Congratulations to all the winners!

1. THE Overdosed Award, the best of the best!
2. Best General
3. Best Officer
4. Best Voice on Teamspeak
5. The Jeeves Award (always there when you need them)
6. Member Who... (Read More)

Tore my ACL/PCL

Hey all I just wanted post that I tore my ACL/PCL and I might be out of commission for a while. I'll be able to keep my DSL low but i wont be able to get on games. I'll be back as soon as I can.
love you all!

Sun's Super KO

Need forum gold? Play Diablo 2? Come join the 5k giveaway tournament Free for All!


Great for PvM/PvP members to gain forum gold, and beat up on their well respected clan mates! Ga... (Read More)

Voting Polls posted - October 2019 Clan Awards

Thank you to all who sent in nominations for the Clan Awards October 2019.

You've sent me your nominations, now it's time to VOTE! Please only vote for one person per category. If you don't know anyone to vote in a particular section, just cli... (Read More)

I need your help, please read!

Clan OverDosed has been existence 17 years. The Clan may have started out as just gamers getting together but it has evolved into a community. We get to know each other, share our lives, our experiences and game together. In my opinion, that is w... (Read More)

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