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Barb Race D2 Event!!!

This is GagenDeep(OD) Barb Race Event:

Here are the rules.
There will be multiple games of 8 people per game.
Object of the race is this. You will enter a game with ODtag name with a Number of your choice.
Forexample OD-Ten or OD-FortySix

You will ... (Read More)

Self Re-enablement now available!

Huge thank you to Xon(OD) for the suggestion and to Ragnarok(OD) for the coding! Effective 9/18/19:

Commander Terra writes: Inspired by some of the concerns that @Xon(OD) represented in the previous Admin meeting, and thanks to some recent additio... (Read More)

Free SCL Unided Annis!

Thank you to Check_Out who is a very good friend to Clan OD, we now have 8 unided SCL annis to give away. It's killing me, I mean just killing me not to id them so hurry up and win them LMAO! There are going to be 4 contests with 2 winners each tim... (Read More)

D2 Win an Enigma SCL contest!

Congratz to the winner Mytho(OD)!

Guess what!!!  You've just won a million dollars on a Clan OD scratch off ticket.  Tell me what you'd do with the money in a short story, statement, or poem.   Since MooMoo(OD) donated the enigma, something abo... (Read More)


Hows it going everyone ? We are holding the first Path of Diablo meeting on the 25th at 9 pm eastern.

Topics -

1) introducing everyone in the squad ( Adding in game accounts , getting setup on discord )

2) Reset patch notes should be o... (Read More)

The Contest Contest

I will be choosing the most amusing contest suggestion listed and donating a free Unid Anni to the Winner.

No ironman suggestions, please.

Contest Starts: Now...right now. at this exact second.

Contest Ends: Saturday, July 27th @ high noon.... (Read More)

Purplez's 8th Scavenger Hunt

Very easy contest to play! 100 fg prize! First person to post a screenshot of all the scavenger items in their stash winz! Contest starts today and ends when somebody posts a ss of all items to find!


1. 4 purple juvs any... (Read More)

Drewg's D2 PVP Ladder

This ladder will begin at the start of the new season. You can sign up now!


The Official 1v1 OD World Ladder.
East Softcore LADDER

Sign up format

Account: Drewg(OD)
Char name: Yo... (Read More)

D2 Reset contest!


What a deal I've got for you.  For the next two weeks you get to show us your charisma, your style, your hard work AND get paid for having fun.  From June 17 until June 26, branch out t... (Read More)

Diablo 3 Division Meeting!

Redvaine(OD) will Be Hosting A Diablo 3 Division Meeting , June 22, 2019 @ 7pm cst

We will going over some topics and goals we wanna set.

And also to Answer any Questions about the game.

Please mark your calender and Be there and if you have

An... (Read More)

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