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Recruitment Challenge

Recruitment Challenge

All divisions are invited to join this game, each division can have a winner.

This is a little game, the rules are simple, you must recruit 2 new overdosed Community members. This your entrance fee for the game after that... (Read More)

Show respect to everybody!

I've heard that there are some on TS3 who aren't showing respect to ALL of our members. Shame on you! Clan OD is known for being based on respect and good mannered players. We all like to joke around and tease each other and trash talk, myself inc... (Read More)

Ray's First Event - Mad Takes! - Sunday, April 29th

Hey guys-

I'll be hosting a "Mad Takes" event this Sunday. Please read this thread for rules and registration.


Welcome Path of Exile

Path of Exile is now officially a division! Welcome Korhal as the official leader of the division. Anyone interested in joining the division or learning more about the game please feel free to contact korhal Via TS, Discord, Forums, or the website. P... (Read More)

2nd Purple Scavenger Hunt

Enter and win the 2nd Purple Scavenger Hunt. Contest rules with list of prizes found at: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67014-2nd-purple-scavenger-hunt/?tab=comments#comment-825270

Shoutout to Tris(OD)


Remember Tris goes live tomorrow! For those looking to get regularly scheduled PUBG streaming, be sure to check out Tris and Lind's stream! They go live tomorrow (April 10th, 2018) at 6 PM EDT! https://www.twitch.tv/trisandlinds For more info... (Read More)

If you're not a recruiter, then... (ODD2 Division)

On January 31st, I posted this thread: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66626-if-you-see-one-of-those-people/?tab=comments#comment-821784

Guys, when you see someone interested in joining the clan, send them to a recruiter. Do NOT tell them to just m... (Read More)

Community Meeting 4/7 8 PM CST

Our next (first in a while) community meeting will be hosted next Saturday, 4/7 at 8 PM CST. If you would like to present a topic, please reply to the thread on the forums, located here:

http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66951-community-meeting-4720... (Read More)

Sun's Super Knockout


This tournament is one of our past ladders most successful tournament. Its a blast to participate in, as it seems even the most unlikely candidates tend to win.

FG will be a... (Read More)

To Sergeant First Class and Beyond! (ODD2 Division)

Recently, Terra posted this thread: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66882-promotion-voting-and-rank-expectations/

If you're getting out of Staff Sergeant, or any rank that follows Sergeant First Class, I highly suggest (if you don't do the followin... (Read More)

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