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New Monthly Event


In the hope to revive our monthly events we used to have (either sober or drunken) I've purchased a copy of the latest Jackbox game. The wonder of this game is that only a single person needs to own the game for several people to play.... (Read More)

Aerineth's Bon Voyage Contest!!

Since @Aerineth(OD) career began in the Clan as a D2 player, let's give Aerineth something to laugh about in a true, trash talking D2 fashion! To enter you just have to create a future history for Aerineth that is creative, funny, and perhaps bizar... (Read More)

The Why Blizzard D2 contest! 150 fg prize

We've all experienced the absolutely annoying waiting in line to make a game on D2. So when you are handed lemons why not make some lemonade and hold a contest. Tell me why you hate the lines or what you think Blizzard should do. Get creative and ... (Read More)

Superbowl Super Snacks Contest!

Oh yessssssssss it's Superbowl time. Don't hate on me, but I don't really watch football, except for the commercials haha oh and the SUPER SNACKS! So I thought it would fun for people to enter snack ideas, recipes, pictures .... whatever you want. ... (Read More)

Starcraft 2 1v1 PeepMode Practice 7PM Central 1-30-2020

I will be hosting a peepmode 1v1 practice tonight at 7PM central time. If you are interested in attending meet in the Starcraft 2 Channel on discord. Hope to see many of you there!!

Free SCL Enigma and runner setup!

If you want to be a SCL runner and host baal or chaos games for the Clan and will commit to at least 250 runs, Ill give you a free enigma, hoto, hoz, treks, magefists and anni. Either post on this thread or whisper me in game, Purplez(OD) and Ill get... (Read More)

Sks's Diablo 3 Recruitment Contest!

Diablo 3 Recruitment Contest!

Diablo 3 Recruitment Contest for the Month of January & Ending in the Beginning of February. This means each recruiter goes out their ways to recruit the best recruitees amongst the D3 Division. Remember lets lo... (Read More)

Starcraft 2 1v1 PeepMode Practice Tonight 6PM Central

I will be hosting a 1v1 Peepmode practice tonight at 6pm central for any members that would like to join in and play a few games. You can play your main race or work on a race you normally don't play. All skill levels are welcome. Come join the group... (Read More)

Halo Squad (PC) and how you can play for $1!

Hey just letting everyone know that we now have a PC Halo squad for the Master Chief Collection (Currently Halo Reach only until they release the others). You can play with us by purchasing the game or signing up for the Xbox PC Gamepass which is on ... (Read More)

D2 Holiday "Hoto" Giveaway

Four free SCL Hotos to be given away. See forum for details.


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