Welcome to Clan Overdosed!

Depor(OD) and HDK(OD) are hosting D2 1.0 or 1.05 server soon

We are interested in seeing who is interested. We are hoping to get a few more people to join us. Come see how the game used to be where we had the most fun, See why we love the game to begin with.

SC2 Season 1 Tournament 4 Results

Congratulations CAPSLOCK(OD) on winning our fourth tournament of season 1!

Top 8
2nd Dro4Sho(OD)
3rd OGsewerat(OD)
4th Jumpmansanic(OD)
5th-8th MarkOhFive(OD) Stardom(OD) Nantrix(OD) Yoshi(OD)

Bracket: https://challonge.com/ojj0w7... (Read More)

Halo OD July Event Schedule

The Event Schedule is back for July! Click the link below to find out what's in store for this month.

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D2 Purplez' 9th Scavenger Hunt

Get busy and find these items. 100 FG prize.


D2 Free For All ironman!

Saturday, June 27 9pm EST.


1 Month Ladder Tournament


Signups are below

50 fg to everyone who completes 3 matches
500fg to 1st place
250fg to 2nd place
100fg to 3rd place

D2 event

hey all Merica(OD) here hosting first ladder event https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/70226-merica-druid-bowling-event/

Bring your A game 1st n 2nd place Prizes enigma and eth Infinity

Be sure tooo sign up
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SC2 Season 1 Tournament 3 Results

Congrats MarkOhFive(OD) on winning our third tournament of the season!

1st: MarkOhFive(OD)
2nd: OGsewert(OD)
3rd: Ludemeister(OD)
4th: Stardom(OD)
5th-8th: Dro4Sho(OD), Jumpmansanic(OD), MajesticMatt(OD), Yoshi(OD)

Bracket: https://challonge.com/7... (Read More)

Halo 2 Conquest Sign Ups

Hello everyone! If you are interested in a cooperative, large-scale experience within Halo, then sign up for Conquest. Go to the link below for more information. https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/70193-conquest-fq-with-sign-up/

Covid Ladder Results

1. SuNSeT - 1000fg
2. WWIII - 500fg
3. Shark - 250fg

And all participants completing 3 matches will receive 50 fg. PM myself for winnings!

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