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5th Purple D2 Scavenger Hunt, Starts NOW!!

Congratz to winner Ray(OD). Thanks to all who participated.

Very easy contest to enter and win, just takes patience. First person to post a screenshot of ALL scavenger items listed winz! Contest begins NOW, start hunting!

... (Read More)

Slum's LLD Level 18 Tournament. Round 2 (Nov 17th @8CST)

Ray's Writing Contest (Nov 4th-11th) *200 FG Prize

Ray's Barbarian Boxing Contest! (Nov 1 @ 7 CST)

Trysts D2 HCL chant duels!

Okay so I had this vision today while in the channel chatting with Skribbz. And I came up with the idea for chant duels! Basically what we're going to do is, lvl a HC toon up to 20, using only what you can find in game, and then we will do a single e... (Read More)


This is a Solo Self Found Hardcore Event

Check out the link below to find all the details, and join us for the event before ladders end! Remember kids, if you know someone who plays PoE, tell your friends to come play PoE with us here in OD!

http:/... (Read More)

Weekly Cup CLOSED

Week 1 Team Duels - Team Krusty
Week 2 Korean Wars - Team Darkwolf & Seed AK (All Kill Sweep)
Week 3 Ladder - DBZ
Week 4 Seeded 1v1 - Seed & Donahey

Special thanks to Mercinyah for donating 500fg and to everyone who participated!

Slum's D2 Level 30 Uber Team Run Contest

The Rules:

Solo or 2 player Team

Required Level 30 Characters

You Must have an OD Member in game to verify (This Member is allowed to buy you health/mana pots and drop you gold for repairs)

No one is allowed to teleport for you (Teleport Staffs... (Read More)

How to Vote on Promos CORRECTLY


Recently, I've noticed a few members voting on promotions with vague and odd comments. Leaving votes that entail "gg, ez vote" or "gm...helpful" aren't helpful nor constructive. Generals and Commanders delete these kinds of votes.

To vote on a ... (Read More)

D2 reset ladder Lottery!

Congratz to winner dmon(OD) who picked 12/7/18, the right day for D2 ladder reset.

So we all suspect that ladder will reset sometime in December, but truthfully nobody really knows right? So I thought a lottery contest would be fun to try and predi... (Read More)

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