Welcome to Clan Overdosed!

June 5 Ladder Reset Signups


June 5, 5pm PT

Signup with character, be sure to look at the reset guide for crazy speed. Can be done in under 3 hours, world record is 2 hours!

D2 ladder reset announced for 6/5/20


Winners of Clan Awards - May 2020

Winners of the Clan Awards for May 2020 can be found here:


Covid Ladder Closing

Covid Ladder will conclude @ 11:59 PM EST / 05 - 23


1000fg to winner
500fg to runner up
250fg to 3rd place

50fg to anyone who completes 3 matches, regardless of record. Go 0-3? Don't worry, 50... (Read More)

Halo 2 Launch Party!

Hello people of Overdosed! Halo 2 is coming out today at 10 PM CST (GMT -5:00).

I encourage everyone to come to the event we are hosting starting at release time.

Halo 2 is only 10 bucks on Steam, and making an Xbox Live account is easy to do in ... (Read More)

Voting Poll - May 2020 Clan Awards

Clan Awards May 2020, 4-part Voting Poll found here:



https://forum... (Read More)

Halo Events Schedule for May (5/9 - 5/31)

Hello everyone! The new events schedule for Halo is out now. Why don't you go check it out, see what's up for the next month with Halo 2 coming out on PC?

[Last edited by Warrant O... (Read More)

SC2 Season 1 Tournament 2 Results

Congratulations MarkOhFive(OD) on winning our second tournament of season 1!

1st MarkOhFive(OD)
2nd Dro4Sho(OD)
3rd Ludemeister(OD)
4th Stardom(OD)

1st Dro4Sho (12)
3rd MarkOhFive(9)
3rd Yoshi(9)
4th Stardom(4)
5th Ludemeister(3)
6t... (Read More)

Clan Awards nominations May 2020

Welcome to the First phase of the May 2020 Clan Overdosed Awards- This is the Official Nominations Phase!

Every May and October, the Clan Awards are held. You have until May 10, 2020 (extended) to send me your nominations. After the nomina... (Read More)

SC2 Tournament Results

Congratulations to Yoshi(OD) for winning in our first SC2 tournament!

1st Yoshi(OD) (Zerg) + 9 ladder points (9)
2nd Dro(OD) (Protoss) + 6 ladder points (6)
3rd Stardom(OD) (Protoss) +3 ladder points (3)
4th Jumpmansanic(OD) (Terran) +1 ladder ... (Read More)

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