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D2R Ladder 7 Reset Lottery

It's almost that time of year! Ladder season 7 is approaching. Based on past history it can be anythime from 2 to 6 months after the start of the current ladder season. But truthfully nobody really knows the exact date right? So, I’m bringing b... (Read More)

New Druid Bowling Event!

Anyone interested in a Druid Bowling event? Kudos to whoever came up with this awesome game!

The rules are simple (I copied this from previous contest hosts)
1. We all make NEW druids on HCL (OD Tagged on OD account)
2. Level up together to ... (Read More)

Possible Helldivers 2 Division

Calling ALL Democracy driven and Liberty consumed individuals that crave spilling that sweet, sweet E-710 compound. If this is you, Super Earth is in need of your assistance!

Please report to your local Helldiver Recruitment Office ( https://forum.o... (Read More)

OD Community Mission Statement

Presenting the OD community mission statement:

At Overdosed Gaming (OD), we believe in more than just gaming; we are a community where individuals learn, grow, and forge lifelong friendships while enjoying their favorite games.

D2R Ladder 6 Reset Lottery

Hello Everybody. I am is hosting a Ladder Season 6 Reset Lottery.

I will start the prize pool with 50fg

Entries are 10fg.

Rules and instructions at:


Good Luck !!!

December celebration

Badboi(OD) and Typereal(OD) are hosting a December celebration in honor of Overdosed's anniversary as well as the holiday season.

Event will happen on Discord in the OD celebration channel on December 3rd between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. EST. Everyone is ... (Read More)

Iornman night 10/20 , 10/21

Hello everyone I would like to Hold some Iornman nights ! Everyones Welcome to attend we will have a 1st place prize and 2nd place prize each night . rules and prizes listed below. hope to see ya there and have some fun ! 

Rules - night 1 -

... (Read More)

Reduction in Ranks

Several changes have been discussed for quite some time which include reducing the number of ranks. Beginning September 17, 2023, all enlisted members will still be automatically promoted until the rank of Staff Sgt. is achieved. From then on, in or... (Read More)

Scavenger Hunt on D2 and D2r

Splitzzz(OD) is hosting a "Purple Scavenger Hunt). You can either do the hunt on D2 legacy or D2r. Prize is 200 FG and begins today. See the forum post for details on items to scavenge.

https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/71552-new-scavenger-hunt-2... (Read More)

WoW Wotlk Meeting Night

Tuesday the 22nd we will be holding a WoW Wotlk meeting. If you would like to join the division stop in and lets get things rolling ... looking forward to getting this division back up and running see yall there !

start time 7pm est

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