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Drewg's D2 PVP Ladder

This ladder will begin at the start of the new season. You can sign up now!


The Official 1v1 OD World Ladder.
East Softcore LADDER

Sign up format

Account: Drewg(OD)
Char name: Yo... (Read More)

D2 Reset contest!


What a deal I've got for you.  For the next two weeks you get to show us your charisma, your style, your hard work AND get paid for having fun.  From June 17 until June 26, branch out t... (Read More)

Diablo 3 Division Meeting!

Redvaine(OD) will Be Hosting A Diablo 3 Division Meeting , June 22, 2019 @ 7pm cst

We will going over some topics and goals we wanna set.

And also to Answer any Questions about the game.

Please mark your calender and Be there and if you have

An... (Read More)

D2 Reset Character Signup


Signup with what kind of character you wish to play.

Team Captains can utilize the list to select their teams.

Teamspeak is highly recommended!



Starting with a new char.
First to lvl 70 gets 100fg gapster(OD)
Second gets 80fg. Moomoo(OD)
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Fishing contest! 200 FG prize!

Gratz to winner RadarRick(OD)!

n honor of our resident expert fisherman, @Froggie420(OD) who occasionally posts pictures of his most recent catches, I would like to hold a "Fishing Contest".

Pretty simple really, just write up a story and/or pos... (Read More)

Winners of Clan Awards - May 2019

Congratulations to all our winners of the May 2019 Clan Awards!

1. THE Overdosed Award, the best of the best!
2. Best General
3. Best Officer
4. Best Voice on Teamspeak
5. The Jeeves Award (always there when you need them)
... (Read More)

Thankful Times Contest open to all members!

Winner - DarkGrey(OD)!! Congratz!

This is the second time I've held a "Thankful Times" contest. I believe that right now, TODAY, we need to focus on what is positive in our lives and get rid of any negativity. Just stop for a moment, look around ... (Read More)

D3 Season 17 Events And MoM

1.Season 17 leveling Event By V3n0m(OD)

2.Season 17 GR Event By V3n0m(OD)

3.Month of May season paragon level event
https:... (Read More)

Voting Polls posted - May 2019 Clan Awards

Time to vote on the Clan Awards posted on the forum at these links. Your votes must be completed by Saturday, May 18, 2019. There are separate sections in 4 different threads, so check them all please.

https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68696-voting-... (Read More)

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