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Shraps(OD)   As one of two founding fathers of Clan OverDosed, Shraps is very friendly, hard working, and a great leader. He was the Web Master of OverDosed for nearly nine months. In the beginning, Shraps wrote the backbone scripts for OverDosed that were later used by many other clans in some form. Shraps has retired with the highest honor of Commander of Clan OverDosed.
The second of two founding fathers of Clan OverDosed, Slipknot hosted the Clan OverDosed website and paid all expenses for the first six months after Shraps took over the site. As a founding father of OverDosed, he's responsible for the initial tasks that were set out for the Clan and with Shraps worked together to build the foundation for what has endured to this day. Slipknot also was responsible for the 'War' side of Clan OverDosed's early history. He was successfully able to take down DarkLegion's website in the end for a couple of weeks. Slipknot has retired with the highest honor of Commander of OverDosed on April 5th, 2004.
Chobo has been around since the very beginning of Clan OverDosed. After the initial ownership of the website of Slipknot and Shraps, Chobo overtook the website as Web Master for nearly 8 years. Chobo is responsible for many of the features we see today. Chobo dedicated every waking moment he could to Clan OverDosed. He was the third person to ever reach the rank of Commander within Clan OverDosed. Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, on November 2, 2010 Chobo passed away, leaving behind his legacy within the clan. He is missed by many of his predecessors to this day.
Firebabe was a very dedicated member who always put the clan over her own personal needs. She was extremely level headed and was capable of doing what needed to be done for the clan under any circumstance. Her fast track to success began immediately upon recruitment. Her climb was quick due to her activity and loyalty for Clan OverDosed. Firebabe is often referred to as the Mother of Clan OverdDosed. She reached Brigadier General in only a few months and Commander shortly after that. She was the 4th Commander of Clan OverDosed.Commander Firebabe retired on November 18, 2005.
BigBaller was one of the few members who worked his way all the way to the top! One of BigBaller's primary roles was to improve the existing scripts for Clan OverDosed. He led the WoW Horde guild on Kel'Thuzad as well as installing the new forums that we use today. To date, BigBaller was quite possibly the most active and productive member Overdosed had ever seen. He was the 5th person to reach the rank of Commander of Clan OverDosed. BigBaller retired with the highest honor of Commander on July 27, 2009.
IVIano was widely considered by many to be the Father Figure of OD. IVIano worked his way through the ranks by playing Diablo 2 and Counter Strike. Eventually he became the leader of ODCS and focused much of his time here. IVIano shortly moved on to play WoW, where he spent the remainder of his time within OverDosed. IVIano's attitude always provided members with someone to come to when they needed help. He was always looking for the next thing to improve the clan. IVIano was the 6th person to reach the rank of Commander. IVIano retired with the highest honor of Commander on May 27, 2008.
Quack was recruited under the Starcraft Broodwar tag. Inside the Broodwar division, he provided an excellent leadership not often found. As time went on, he transferred to both CS and TFT. However, his true calling was within The Frozen Throne, he organized the formation of the Clan ODWC channel and helped represent The Frozen Throne at every generals meeting. Quack quickly rose through the ranks and became OverDosed 7th Commander. Quack retired with the highest honor of Commander on April 24, 2007.
R.agnarok is a true battle.net gamer at heart. His home rests with Broodwar, but he's been a part of nearly every division ever created within OD. He is currently the Website Owner and has run the Website to the current date. R.agnarok is currently involved in the Dota 2 division and overlooking the generals and ensuring all generals act accordingly. R.agnarok works hard every day to ensure things are smooth. He is the 8th Commander of Clan OverDosed, and is still active to this day.
Manifold was an exceptionally skilled Counter Strike player. He rose through the ranks as a crucial part of CS. Shortly after reaching the rank of Major General, he skipped ranks all the way up to Commander. He was always very loyal and devoted to the clan. Manifold is the 9th Commander of Clan OverDosed. He has retired with honor at the rank of General on November 24, 2008.
Blind rose to the rank of Commander on November 26, 2010. He led the WoW and Diablo 2 divisions and was very proficient at keeping a tight ship. He coded many of the current features we use today on the website and was predominately known for his coding work. Blind resigned from Commander on July 5, 2011.  Blind returned to the community in 2020  and worked his way back up to the General ranks.  He contributed much to the coding of the website .
Corgur was an outstanding Commander, gamer, and friend to many during his time with OverDosed. He made his way up the ladder through Starcraft after being recruited in the summer of 2005. Loved by many and respected by all, Cogur established himself to be a great leader in the Clan. His advice was sound, justified, and knowledgeable. He became an inspiration for anyone aspiring to become a more influential role in the community. Cogur was the 11th person to become a Commander. He retired with the highest honor at the rank of Commander on June 13, 2013.
Darkness was one of a kind when it came to accomplishing his tasks set before him. He quickly was able to take charge and claim his stake as a Commander of OverDosed in late November of 2010. On top of being awarded the Medal of Honor, he was an excellent forum moderator, and was always within reach when he was needed. His primary goal at all times was to keep Clan OverDosed a better place to be. He was the 12th Commander of Clan OverDosed. He retired with the highest honor at the rank of Commander on June 13, 2013.
Tris was always a community Commander. Starting his OD career by hosting the SC2 EMT's and clan wars, he quickly took to his rightful General spot. As he rose within the General ranks, he bacame more and more involved in clan policies, changing and creating them. His most notable policy he enacted is the new General evaluation system, which for the first time in OD history ensured a transparent, peer review based system that involves the clan as a whole. Tris is also known for replying to questions or concerns clan members have as soon as possible, usually within the same day. Tris rose to the rank of Commander on Janurary 22, 2013.  Tris voluntarily stepped down as Commander in 2018.  He remains active today. 
Darkstar started his OD career off with a bang (literally) by becoming the main face of OD Counter Strike. Darkstar was always a very patient and observant General and nothing changed once he hit Commander. While always being professional, Darkstar was able to give solid constructive criticism which inevitably led him to his rightful Commander rank. Though the ODCS days are over, Darkstar remains involved in games and squads that OD supports, voicing his opinions in many facets of the clan. Darkstar hit the rank of Commander on January 22nd, and retired with honors on April 15, 2015.
Newbcrack was a strict recruiter for Broodwar. He was heavily focused and skilled at the game, and has been aired on multiple global competitions via webstreams, youtube, and has always played Broodwar. Newbcrack joined OverDosed around the same time R.agnarok did. His devotion and loyalty to OD had given him a seniority over other Broodwar members, giving him the advantage of becoming the head of the Broodwar division and building it up and into a direction of competitiveness. Newbcrack rose to the rank of Commander on January 22, and retired with honors on May 3, 2015.
Rob was recruited on February 28, 2008, and excelled all the way up to the rank of Major General. Eventually he resigned from Overdosed, however he made a return in 2011 and has climbed all the way up to the rank of Commander. While Rob generally has a specific main game, he will always be known best for being active in the community as a whole. His hard work, dedication, and loyalty allowed him to excel again all the way to the rank of Commander on July 30th, and retired on December 2, 2014.
Aerineth was promoted to Commander on February 5, 2015. He embodies the best of OD, dedicating himself to the community and the people in it, putting the needs of others ahead of his own. His humble beginnings began in the Diablo 2 Division where he was instrumental in preventing it's decline and turning it back into a thriving community. He was directly involved in the creation and leadership of both the ESO and the Aion Division. Eventually he branched out and by the time he became Commander Aerineth's positive influence could be felt in nearly all aspects of the clan, from assisting Divisions, moderating forums, setting up Teamspeak features, and updating the main website. He marks the 17th Commander in OD history, keeping alive a long tradition of exceptional people to have shaped Overdosed into the Clan that it is.
Badboi(OD)   Badboi was promoted to Commander on January 29, 2016.  He has truely grown up since joining the community in 2010 while in college.  His rise in the community almost parallels his life journey.  Throughout his time in OD, he has led many divisions including SC2,LOL and Overwatch.  His biggest contribution to the community was a weekly SC2 tournament that attracted some of the biggest eSports talents to OD.  Although gaming was his preferred way of connecting with the Community, he excelled at administrative meetings and improving the evaluation system.   He stepped down from the rank of Commander in May, 2023 but remains active in the community.
Terra became the 19th commander of Clan Overdosed on January 29, 2017. Terra's rise among the ranks was not an easy one due to the tenacious and persistent manner in which she challenged the system and those who ruled it. She was often challenging 4* and 5* generals when she was only an Officer. Terra was and always has been unencumbered by people's personal opinions of her but rather driven by her passion to do right for the Clan. Time and time again, Terra has made difficult and challenging decisions and has become the backbone for administrative duties within the Clan.
Purplez became Commander on December 23, 2022.  She is known through the community for her love of the color purple.  She quickly rose through the ranks playing Diablo and became a co-leader within the Division.  She held many contests and hosted the Clan Awards 7 times.  In January 2020, she was awarded the Medal of Honor for all her work in the OD community.  

History of Overdosed

The History of the OverDosed Clan

Slipknot and Shraps founded clan OverDosed December 3, 2001.

The legacy begins with one Dark legion clan member presently known as Slipknot. He had become bored with Dark Legions website. They had used the same layout for years. Slipknot decided to use his talents and help out his clan by making new layouts for their website. His efforts turned out to be in vain, for the Clan leader Commander Slider did not want to change the site. This upset Slipknot for he felt that Commander Slider disrespected him, and did not fully appreciate his hard work. Slipknot fought his issue until he had been banned from all Dark legion forums. Slipknot, angered by the lack of camaraderie in the Dark legion clan and encouraged by the desire for sweet revenge, successfully hacked into the Dark legion website and brought it down. The Dark legion site remained that way for a period of two months. (DL site was restored February 4, 2002)

Slipknot then decided to found the OverDosed clan along with his good friend Shraps. Slipknot worked on the website layouts while Shraps wrote the first Overdosed scripts. The earliest versions of the OD scripts have been modified and are being used by many other clans today.

As with most young clans, many problems arose. Most new clan attempts find early hardships too difficult and do not survive. However, Slipknot and Shraps persevered and pulled their fledgling clan to its feet. This was no easy task. It took a lot of hard work getting OverDosed up and running. When OD was first founded, Slipknot and Shraps tried to entice members from the clan Dark legion to join them with offerings of higher rank and many DL members were eager to join OD. However, many returned to DL shortly after leaving. Clan OverDosed struggled to survive. With fewer than 10 members the outlook was grim. The clan channel remained empty most of the time, and the current recruiting system was not working. In short, OverDosed was going nowhere, and the future looked grim.

Then, near the end of January 2002, the former Dark legion Major General Xxpert(DL) decided to assist Slipknot and Shraps with recruiting new OverDosed members. Xxpert agreed to recruit for the OverDosed Clan as the Dark legion clan seemed to be at a standstill while trying to get their site back up. Though Xxpert did not want to join the clan, he was given the name Marine(OD) for the purposes of recruiting new members. In just a few days the number of Overdosed members quadrupled. In total Marine(OD) was responsible for recruiting over forty new members. Along with the help of the new recruits, the clan kept up its growth and the future went from that of bitter defeat to one of success.

Now, the former General from the DL had little hope of seeing their clans site restored. In the meantime, Xxpert(DL) seeing his assistance prosper into the OD clan decided to remain. He was recruited as ChoBo(OD). Unfortunately ChoBo(OD) did not stay long, The Dark legion Clan eventually got its website up and running. Though ChoBo had reached the rank of General in his 5 days in the OD clan, he chose to return to his former clan.

Though with the loss of such a good recruiter as ChoBo, Overdosed began to thrive. With a much better foundation than before, the clan was able to fully stand on its own. The Channel remained active with the members Overdosed had and recruiting was highly successful. All seemed well, but there were still many underlying problems.

May 2001

The size of Clan OverDosed was constantly fluctuant and maintained on average fifty members. The problems lie in the member's activity. Most members OverDosed were not very active, and the DSL remained high for the majority of them. Shraps, concerned with the future of his Clan, considered merging OD with another clan in the hopes of keeping it alive. Were it not for the state of chaos that existed in the Dark legion clan, Overdosed would have gone under.

The commanders in the Dark legion clan decided it was necessary to replace all high-ranking members they had. This upset the members in question, adding to their already chaotic state. The members felt that the actions of Dark legion were unjustified, none more than Xxpert(DL). He was extremely dedicated and loyal to Clan Dark legion, and felt wronged and betrayed. As such he left Dark legion permanently, returning to Clan Overdosed as ChoBo(OD).

ChoBo(OD), reinstated to his previous rank of General, brought many new ex-Dark legion members with him. One new member, Venom(DL), was recruited as Maggot(OD). Maggot(OD) was given the rank of General shortly after joining.

Then Starts the Age of Massive Recruiting

With the number of OverDoseds active members declining, massive recruiting seemed to be the only correct course of action. The old DL members brought with them the knowledge of recruiting bots, which made it much easier to mass recruit new members. During this mass recruiting stage everyone who seemed interested in joining the clan was recruited. Some were tested, and some were simply recruited having merely asked to join. This simple strategy cured the problem with the lack of active members. For the first time in its life, Overdosed had over 170 members. It was alive and well, full of eager new members. This recruiting system however, was not perfect.

The Tyranny of Maggot(OD) 

With his newly appointed rank of General, Maggot(OD) wasted no time putting his ideas and thoughts into effect. Unfortunately his ideas were not shared or agreed upon by fellow members. Maggot(OD) started promoting his friends and demoting whoever questioned him. Slipknot and Shraps had started becoming less active on Battle.net at this time so they did not get the chance to witness or correct the wrongful actions.

No one could confront Maggot without the fear of disablement. It was not until VailKnight(OD) and Viper(OD) rallied the members of OD together that finally brought the abusive General out of Power. The two gathered members and united those who opposed Maggot(OD)'s reign of Power. Maggot(OD) who grew tired of the abuse from those who hated him soon retired. With the chains of the Maggot's suppression removed, ChoBo(OD) then took command and began the process of repairing Overdosed.

FireBabe(OD) was recruited as a private into clan Overdosed at this time.

Out with the Old and in with the New!

The clan had suffered a huge drop of active members because of the chaos and lack of proper leadership. With Slipknot and Shraps becoming more inactive, ChoBo(OD) was left to fix Overdosed on his own. He chose to once again mass recruit to help bring back members.

Mass recruiting was quite successful. It was during this time that some of our great members who were not with the clan at the beginning came and joined the clan. Tool(OD), WarAngel(OD), GoldenI(OD), Gnome(OD), Darkartz(OD), just to name a few were recruited during this mass recruiting stage. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad, for Overdosed was becoming overloaded with members who had no skill, and no regard for the rules. The mass recruiting led to frequent disagreements with the higher ranked members in Overdosed. Many wanted the clans recruiting methods to be changed to reduce the size of the clan. Mass recruiting continued which sadly lead many members who were respected as skilled players and had already spent a great deal of time with clan Overdosed to leave and go their separate ways.

The recruiting methods have changed a lot over the life of Overdosed. The recruiting counsel was first brought into effect December 2003 and was created by Gnome(OD) Shraps(OD) and FireBabe(OD). The recruiting counsel was composed of trusted members who knew what kind of members we wanted in the clan, and were the only members appointed to recruit.

Battles on Battle.net

With Overdosed growing in numbers and popularity, it became a target for clans whose only desire was war. Those enemy clans attacked our channels with numerous bots and spam. How you can call loading bots a battle is still beyond me, but the problems with them will always be there. It has been these wars that brought out the best in Overdosed, the members who are truly dedicated and mature enough to handle themselves in a reasonable fashion, and bring out those who think the sky is falling. Overdosed has never lost a battle with the bot loading skill of ChoBo(OD), and the political FireBabe(OD).

While there have been many battles, The most remembered are.

Clan Zer0 west server: Zer0 attacked the west server for many months. It was this Battle FireBabe(OD) first became known for her resourceful judgments.

Clan (2xx) East server: One of the first floodbot wars. It took a lot of sweat and dedication to overcome this battle. This battle went on for two weeks, both clans unable to use their primary clan channel. This took Blizzard Tech to end the flood bot loading. It was during this war when we learned to /ignore the account name who loaded the flood bots.

Clan Hive East and West: Pathetic really, more annoying but remembered because Hive got inside help from former Overdosed member Princessofchaos.

Clan W@r East and West: One of the hardest battles fought. Denial, Leader of Clan W@r, having inside connection to battle.net and expert hacking skills, was a very serious enemy. The channels were flooded; the site and members accounts were hacked. Chaos went on for weeks, until it ended by befriending Denial. Denial helps hold Ops for channel overdosed to this day.

Clan [)ark On the east server, Clan [)ark grew angry with Clan OverDosed. As with many enemy clans, [)ark was annoyed with Overdosed using spam bots in public channels to advertise. They planned to take out the west OverDosed server because Overdosed was primarily an east server clan. Loading was constant and annoying. It was something OverDosed had to deal with on a daily basis, General Botooh(OD) received the passwords to OverDosed ops, and having one of the biggest responsibilities in the clan by far, decided to keep the password on his computer. Unfortunately shortly thereafter he was hacked and lost the ops passwords to our clan channel. GrinGo(OD) had suggested alternatives to get the ops bots back, that being to ask the former commanders Slipknot(OD) and Shraps(OD) for their CD keys they created OverDosed with. Sadly, this did not work; they could not get the correct CD keys OverDosed was created on. So OverDosed turned to an old enemy turned friend, Denial, the leader of clan W@R. Thankfully he was able to hack the OverDosed ops passwords, and Denial gave it to ChoBo(OD). For months thereafter OverDosed channels were flooded with bots, only to be finally stopped by the Stealth bots as second ops. Stealth bots were the first bots designed with anti flood protection.

The Commencement of a New Command

Overdosed grew stronger with every passing month. But without the aid of the inactive commanders, ChoBo(OD) was the only leader figure the members of overdosed knew, and respected. There is nothing the founding fathers could do, for life had kept them away from Overdosed and time was their enemy. When Shraps returned to Battle.net, he found himself not liking what the clan had become. Shraps wanted a gaming clan made of just friends, not a large member gaming one. Shraps decided to retire his position of Commander. Slipknot being very inactive as it was followed Shraps into retirement.

Shraps Retired with a bang. In leaving he gave the Overdosed Ops account to the former Maggot(OD). ChoBo(OD) had to hack Shraps AIM account to retrieve the pass back from Maggot. Overdosed Ops was successfully restored, ending the reign of Commander Shraps(OD) and Slipknot(OD). ChoBo(OD) took control of Clan Overdosed, and became the new commander of clan Overdosed on January 05 2003.

ChoBo knew he could not handle the responsibility of being commander alone. He already knew how to manage the script for the site and take care of the server, but he could not do all of the managing of the clan alone. He called a meeting among all of the generals to decide (He already chose his partner) who would rise to share ChoBo side as commander. The meeting consisted of Mahal(OD), Tool(OD), God(OD), Caffeine(OD), ChoBo(OD), Viper(OD), DarkDragon(OD), Botooh(OD), Cky(OD), Zeho(OD), and more I cannot recall at this moment. ChoBo left us to decide among ourselves who should become commander.

Mahal wanted the job, and thought he was the man for the job. While Mahal was an active member, many felt he was unfit for the task at hand. The rest of the generals did not want the job offered, but there was one who stood against Mahal. While FireBabe herself did not desire the Commander rank, she would not tolerate Mahal taking the position. In a 2-hour argument on who should be Commander, ChoBo made the final decision for us and promoted General FireBabe(OD) to Commander rank. While the job was far from easy, Both ChoBo and FireBabe worked together and brought Overdosed from despair to a victorious flourishing battle.net clan.

For Better or for Worse

Clan Overdosed has always had its fair share of good and bad times. With the founding members leaving the clan there were a lot of terrible feelings and troubled thoughts growing in the minds of our members. Is this the End of Overdosed? Will ChoBo and FireBabe be able to keep the clan from deteriorating? Most of all, everyone wondered what was going to occur next.

There is a popular saying; The things I would have done then had I known what I know now would perfectly describe the learning experience gained from being of leader stature. Everything had to be learned, and regrettably had to be learned the hard way. While problems are a part of even the most successful clans, trying to find the perfect balance was not an easy assignment. There were problems of what many people called clan wars, loading of special made bots in which its only purpose is to annoy bnet players whom like to reside in a certain channel. There were problems of numerous members and not enough gamers. Problems with bad mannered members, lack of active leaders, site crashing, even the problems with the lack of confidence is the members leaders. Not an easy task for those newly appointed Commanders.

Through working together and trying new things, the generals came up with different methods to resolve many of the previous issues. ChoBo made a script for squads, so generals could minimize their peak interests and rally members with the same interest. This helped to show who were interested in what, and helped give a more broad variety to what our clan could offer.

Rules were also changed to set a finer foundation for the structure with Overdosed. Before this time, there was a huge turnover in members, so ranks were far easier to climb. With a steady amount of members staying in the clan, it caused a slight problem the amount of members in a specific rank. New methods were made to insure promotions could only happen after the member spent an allotted amount of time at their current rank.

Unforgettably, the recruiting policy was changed to a trial period. This helped to make sure the members who were going to join spent time being watched by trusted officers and general before giving them the title Overdosed member. Recruiters Vote on the Trial (ODR) members and share their say on who can and shouldn't be in the clan. This helps to weed out those who are immature, and horrible gamers.

There will always be members who are bad mannered, always those who dont play. Those who are immature, those that are rude, dumb, inactive and newsbyte. Nothing can be done about that, but we can try to limit how much we need to tolerate.

Reformation of the Generals in OverDosed

The reformation was the talk of the clan for many months. Numerous thought the reform was going to be a change of rules that were keeping the clan held back from its full potential. Others thought of it as a complete change of command and procedures that was going to do good for the clan. It took a long time for the reform to happen, so long that to some members thought of it as only a rumor. People had high hopes of this Reform, but all it did was demote inactive generals and promote active upcoming generals. Gnome(OD), Warangel(OD), Blueknight(OD), Botooh(OD), GrinGo(OD), Sith(OD), Arbiter(OD), and FriedEggs(OD) were all promoted in the reforms. Most of them were new to the general ranks. The demoted generals were upset and angry. They felt cheated because they were excluded from the meeting. Members thought this meeting was supposed to bring up new ideas, when all it did was demoted some generals and promote new ones. Most of the demoted generals are earning their ranks back, and many of the promoted generals have left the clan.

Caffeine(OD)'s revolution.

One of our best Brood Wars players, Caffeine(OD), became upset with a popup ChoBo added to the site saying, "Please vote for OverDosed, you are being logged on voting, and if you don't vote you could be disabled." Caff was upset nonetheless; he was outraged and boycotted voting for about a day. He then left to make Team ZTX-. Caff brought many OD members with him. He did not want to make war with Overdosed since he knew his small clan would crumble to OverDosed's power, which it eventually did. Most of the ZTX members came back to OverDosed and some of them are somewhere on battle.net. We also lost four generals: Darken, Crono, Gnome, and Spooky. They occasionally make appearances on the forums and in the channel. Gnome(OD) has since returned to our clan. Caffeine later admitted that he had lost time for Clan Overdosed, and wanted to leave with an extraordinary unforgettable departure.

Generals Come and Go

Clan Overdosed has been through a lot in its years of life. And Overdosed would never have been able to prosper to what we are today without the aid of many fine people who have dedicated their time and efforts to make this clan so great.

Slipknot(OD) Being a founding father, slipknot was top Knot back in the early days of the clan. He is remembered for his ability to write scripts.

Shraps(OD) was a great person. He was fun to converse with and was a great leader. Also founding the clan overdosed, he will always be remembered as the commander who was a real people person. People looked up to him because he was the type of leader who could be called upon when needed, and was always there to give a helping hand.

ChoBo(OD) The technical backbone of the clan. Before he was commander, he often played the acting role, being the leader when the commanders Slip and Shraps were not available. Once taking command, ChoBo used his abilities as a leader and was able to succeed the many barriers faced and brought the clan to its wonder today. Sadly on November 2nd, 2010 ChoBo(OD) passed away. He will always be remembered as the backbone and one of the greatest leaders of OD.

Spooky(OD) Witty, cool and all around nice guy Spooky will be remembered as the one to go to west general. He was very good at his game and was always available to play. He used good judgment and never used his rank as a method of control. We still see his charm on the Overdosed forums.

God(OD) Honestly, being the writer of this History someone else should write about God. We never ever got along, and I don't like him as a person. But the good thing I can say (And Ill leave out all the bad) He was a very good gamer, and always active. He still to this day works on his skill of the game.

Pafnucy(OD) was a great Overdosed member. His skill in BW was superb, and was almost unmatchable. He left the clan for his own reasons, but will always be remembered for his great skill of the game.

Mahal(OD) A very active general of the west realm. Huge d2 player and many members could count on Mahal to be there when needed.

Mentor(OD) was an efficient leader, and will be remembered for his help in adding the west server to our clan.

EX.soldier(OD) was a very intelligent general, and a great person to get to know.

Nsxcix(OD) is still a member of overdosed, but having taken some time of leave still has some time to climb the ranks back to general. As a general of overdosed, members looked up to him because he was a great gamer with an awesome since of humor.

E(OD) was a nice friendly to everyone kind of guy. He was great at his game and very active.

DragonBlade(OD) was a very active general of the west server. West server use to be the place to be and dragonblade was one of the reasons why.

Tool(OD) a great person, went through the ranks really fast because of his charm and great people skills. Tool had wonderful ideas and help sculpt the clan into what we are today.

Gnome(OD) Still a member of the clan and youngest age to make it to general. Gnome has great skill in the game and is a wonderful resourceful member.

Caffeine(OD) One of the top BW players overdosed has ever had as a member. He was the one people would go try and beat. His skill is what Caff will be most remembered for.

Botooh(OD) our bot king! Need I say more? Great guy to know, always there to give his help to any who need. He is very popular on both east and west server.

Viper(OD) One of the oldest members in the clan and has seen it through thick and thin. Very dedicated member and always there to do what he can to better the clan.

Gringo(OD) the man to go for WCIII needs! Gringo is an active member and is always there for members. He is a great general for our clan.

WarAngel(OD) The BW master. Very active and very dedicated into improving his game.

WhiteKing(OD) is another very active General to the West server. He is one of the few members to have been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

MadMan(OD) another older overdosed member. Very much into the Diablo game and a great person to get to know! Has had to earn his Stars again quite a few times, but he is worth the star he carries.

TheWalker(OD) was a great contribute to the CS part of overdosed. Strictly counterstrike, he led the squad the entire time he was general and helped expand Overdosed CS members.

CKY(OD) Where did this guy go and why did he leave? He was an active general and was always there to give the promotion, medals, and always eager to help those that needed help.



New Addition Feb 2004

Many changes have happened during the first year ChoBo and FireBabe obtained Commander rank. While many good members have been lost, many more have been found continuing the never-ending cycle of member turnover. Rules have been fine-tuned, the recruiting system changed, and the clan even grew to be able to accommodate a nonBattlenet game, Counter Strike. BigBaller, who recently became the new 4 star general, has dedicated a lot of his time to the Counter Strike aspect of OverDosed and he is one of the reasons why it has done so well.

The recruiting System changed from the previous Officers and higher could recruit, to the new Voting System late in the 2003 year. This made it easier to control what members got into the clan, weeding out the cruelly mannered, to the pathetically skilled. A great plan designed by different Generals ideas and views and has become the most effective recruiting policy to date. The new policy even allowed the clan to expand on who could recruit, giving new meanings to different ranks.

The Return of the Founding Fathers

The previous clan Commanders made a comeback, rejoining the clan once again. Commander Shraps and Slipknot rejoined the same day; both of them very happy in returning home. Slipknot has been very active playing D2, even modified the D2 recruiting since his comeback. Shraps has greatly improved his Scripts skills and we await the chance for him to work on the needed OverDosed site modifications.

The Modern OD Era 2010-Present

2010 marked the start of a new decade for Clan Overdosed. The guardians of old, the Big Ballers and the Hammertimes, were no longer present and thus, the tone was set for a new generation of OD leaders to hold the throne. The old authoritarian rule gave way to a more democratically run coalition that has seen a steady 200 active member for the last 5 years. Regularly scheduled clan meetings are now conducted and recorded. Lastly, an evaluation process was instituted for high ranking officials.

OD has seen the rise and fall of many divisions (such as Warcraft 3, HoN, SC2, and Broodwar) are games of the past and new games like Smite, Minecraft, LoL, and Diablo 3 are now supported and a re-emergence into the MMO worlds of Aion and ESO. Finally with the new adoption of Teamspeak the possibilities are endless.

Special Thanks for updating and maintaining this History page goes to:  R.agnarok, Aerineth, MikeU1, ZakSpeeeed, Terra and Purplez. 

Continuing with the History on our forum:  https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/71453-complete-heros-and-history/


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