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We would first like to thank you for showing interest in joining Clan Overdosed. Please be sure to select the right recruiter that you talked to in game. Upon completion your application will be sent only to that recruiter. Our recruiters are instructed to deny all applicants to whom they did not talk to.
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To uphold the rules and protocol of Clan OverDosed and insure the fair treatment of all our members, Clan OverDosed and/or it's officials will make use of any available information related to a given incident, including but not limited to; logs, screenshots and recordings to regulate and ensure a quality gaming experience.
By joining Clan OverDosed, participating/submitting to our forums, or affiliating with any game community related to Clan OverDosed, all persons;
1) agree to the fair use of any evidence in question to breaking our terms or rules/conditions may be used against the partnership between the persons and Clan OverDosed and;
2) the right for Clan OverDosed to revoke any affiliation and/or permissions the persons have to Clan OverDosed resources.
Our community reserves the right to use this information in whichever fashion is deemed necessary, freely and without persecution.
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