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Week 3 ODD2 Weekly Cup

Week 2 is coming to a close, just waiting on specific members... merica, cough, cough to quit dodging rich, who is going for the sweep!

Signups for Week 3 are available!


Week 3 will be a good... (Read More)

Cards Against Humanity!

Come join us for some laughs! "Cards Against Humanity" Night is on for this Saturday, September 15th 2018, starting at 8pm CST in teamspeak! We usually play a few games, and you can join in at any time throughout the evening!

- No bloated Downloads ... (Read More)

Weekly Cup - Week 2, KOREAN STYLE


Signups are available for Week 2, Signup TODAY

Korean Style Tournaments are brought to you from the StarCraft Broodwar days. It consists of 5 , 1v1s with winner staying on for each respected t... (Read More)

Dwolf's HCL D2 contest!

Here's the rules:

Create an OD HC ladder character and level up from now to September 30. The highest level at 6:00pm eastern September 30 wins:

1st place: 300 fg

2nd place: 200 fg

3rd place: 100 fg

To participate, one must respond to t... (Read More)

ODD2 Weekly Cup



Draft has begun! We are awaiting the final picks of the team Captains.

Once the teams have been finalized we will begin the first stage of the Weekly Cup! Each week the cup br... (Read More)

Mr_Kon's new contest, 100 FG prize!

So this event is fairly simple... You're a burglar, but instead of stealing you need to do one thing to make their next day an inconvenience. What do you do?

Again you cannot take anything.

Whoever comes up with the most clever thing will be... (Read More)

EMT Finals


Congrats goes to:


For advancing to the finals. This tournament concludes on Sunday the 26th. Everyone else has been placed into Tier groups, for our follow... (Read More)

Member Behind the Mic #10

Recruitment Challenge #2

This is a little game, it involves recruitment. It is possible for each division to have a winner. The Game will go on for two months from the start to the end, with a 14 day grace period to get any last minute trial members through. The Challenge w... (Read More)

Elite Monthly Tournament UPDATE


Congrats to everyone who participated!

Players in red have advanced to the next round of the EMT!

Players in blue will be able to participate in the losers bracket!

This tournament... (Read More)

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